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  1. Re: Thoughts on Colon Cancer & Chadwick Boseman

    I agree with the doctor, and in fact when I had colon cancer I was practicing every one of his recommendations, both in diet and exercise. Ironically, I had surgery to remove the diseased portion of...
  2. Re: The 17 Best Foods for High Blood Pressure

    My blood pressure, which used to be super low, increased recently, possibly as a result of taking Nsaids. I had to research it to discover their effect and make the connection, and have since given...
  3. Re: Thousands of ducks released to protect Thai rice fields from pests

    Hunting waterfowl has long been a popular pastime both here and in the British isles where it originated. I consider duck a delicacy and order it whenever I can afford it. It is rich and delicious,...
  4. Thread: Hello all

    by Islander

    Re: Hello all

    Well, scilover, there is a little nucleus of regulars here that kind of feel like family, don't they? You ought to get yourself an avatar like the rest of us so we can recognize you immediately. Do...
  5. Re: AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine Study Put on Hold

    Given everything we know about the immense amount of time it takes to produce a vaccine that is both safe and effective (the average period of time is 10 years), it seems to me that the furor over a...
  6. Re: FDA Wants to Ban NAC Now That It Combats COVID-19

    Well, wanting to ban it and actually banning it are separate steps. I frequently read in the news the story of some politician wanting to do this or enact that or change or prohibit something else…...
  7. Re: Probiotics May Help Manage Childhood Obesity, Study Finds

    My weekly news magazine, THE WEEK (to my knowledge, the only completely unbiased news magazine, highly recommend it if you've never seen it) mentioned Palforzia as a protection against exposure to...
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    Re: The Need To Grow

    Well here is a link to the film, but I don't know whether it will work for you. You need to have claimed your place and registered to view and there may have been a deadline for that....
  9. Re: Green Light Therapy Shown To Reduce Migraine Frequency, Intensity

    Has a cause ever been determined for migraine headaches?
  10. Re: Study Finds What You Eat Is Linked To When You Eat

    Well the bold face pretty much sums it up. I don't think I need to read additional details!
  11. Re: Probiotic Skin Therapy Improves Eczema In Children, NIH Study Suggests

    I know practically nothing about eczema, and the article wasn't very helpful in identifying the cause… Perhaps because they don't actually know.
  12. Re: Probiotics May Help Manage Childhood Obesity, Study Finds

    I went online to see whether there were any updates to this 2017 experiment, and in fact I found one. Sadly, it's not the news we hoped for. A number of flaws in the original trials appear to...
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    Re: The Need To Grow

    Thanks to Mr. Wizard for informing me and to Julieanne for alerting me to the deadline. I had to watch last night's debate among the candidates for Maine's Senate seat, but I'll try to set aside time...
  14. FDA Wants to Ban NAC Now That It Combats COVID-19

    I no longer read articles but they continue to arrive in my inbox daily and I see the headlines. Granted, they are usually clickbait, but this article on NAC is informative and...
  15. Re: States Are Doing What Big Government Won’t to Stop Climate Change

    In Maine, prior to governor Mills' signing that bill, assistance was already in place to lower the cost of a heat pump. I've had mine for two years, at a very deep discount too, and I'm delighted...
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    Re: The Need To Grow

    I would dearly love to watch this film, especially given the fantastic productivity of my two gardens this summer. But watching the trailer, I can see that it's hopeless. Without subtitles, I miss...
  17. Re: COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Participant Has Serious Neurological Symptoms

    So as of Wednesday we still have no confirmation that this inflammatory condition was or was not a direct cause of the vaccine. Not helpful.
  18. Re: AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine Study Put on Hold

    This is discouraging, but as of Tuesday it is uncertain whether the illness was directly related to the vaccine. Knowing the history of the early polio vaccine, developers are keenly aware of the...
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    Re: Medical Myths: All About Aging

    That's an encouraging article. I continue to do my physical therapy. Even though it has no effect on the pain of bursitis, it continues to strengthen my core. And since I'm not carrying 50-pound bags...
  20. Re: Nine Drugmakers Pledge To Thoroughly Vet Any Coronavirus Vaccine

    It's encouraging that they have come to an agreement as a group. What it suggests is that in defiance of the many allegations or promises or claims from the White House, there will be no rogue...
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    COVID Survivors Face PTSD, Anxiety

    Beth Howard
    September 3, 2020
    Experts say hospital ICU stays, often faced alone, bring mental health woes to older patients in particular

    For Charlene Fugate, 70, of Indianapolis, the...
  22. Re: Research Shows Diet Change Might Help Veterans With Gulf War Illness

    That's useful information for all of us, especially the list of foods high in glutamate. I use all of those, although only periodically and in modest doses.
  23. Re: Common Class Of Drugs Linked To Increased Risk Of Alzheimer's Disease

    This surprised me: "One-third were taking such medications, with an average of 4.7 anticholinergic drugs per person." In other words, a lot of people were taking more than four prescription drugs...
  24. New Trump Covid-19 Adviser Pushes 'Herd Immunity' Strategy That Could Kill 2 Million

    Jake Johnson
    August 31, 2020

    "It's not edgy, contrarian," one public health expert said of the "herd immunity" approach. "It's dangerous and terrifying."

    A top White House coronavirus...
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    Re: Three Easy Ways To Ripen Your Tomatoes

    That's correct, Julie. You sacrifice nothing by removing blooms that will never grow into fruit, which allows more energy to be directed into the fruit that is already approaching maturity.
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