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    Re: A Vaccine for Depression?

    @Maurya: Your reference to the COMT gene sent me researching. Wow. This amazing gene is directly responsible for lowering heartbeat to normal levels and restoring our sense of balance. It...
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    Re: Body Fat Increases Cancer Risk

    Presenting information succinctly is a skill I've tried to mimic from you. Will be glad when you have more access. Wish you were here more often. Miss your words of wisdom.
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    Re: Type 1 Diabetes: Keto vs Insulin?

    The article references "Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults" (LADA), which is a subset of Type 1 diabetes. LADA is very often mis-diagnosed as Type 2 because it develops later in life, typically...
  4. Re: Attkisson Report Reveals Threat Against Congressmen Investigating Autism-Vaccine

    And, for congressional members who don't yield to pressure, BigPhaRMA buys them off. According to a new database, "PhaRMA Cash to Congress," the industry contributed about $12 Million to the most...
  5. Re: ER Doc 411: Insider tips to improve your visit to the ER (ED)

    Great tips. Here's a tip for those covered by Medicare. If the ER doc wants to keep you in the hospital overnight for observation, find out if you're being formally admitted as an "inpatient" or...
  6. Re: How a pro-vaccine doctor reopened debate about link to autism

    For decades, researchers and some medical professionals claimed there was no nexus between smoking cigarettes and cancer. Now, we know these were false claims, largely motivated by greed. I...
  7. Re: Free Access to Nutrition Therapy Videos

    CAM is absolutely novel. I don't find it cumbersome at all. I've not seen this phraseology used anywhere. You're really on to something. Perhaps, we ought to begin using it, hoping it will catch...
  8. Re: Maggots Could Be Sent To Syria By UK To Help Clean Wounds

    Surprisingly, maggot therapy is used throughout the world. In the U.S., the FDA regulates production and requires that the maggots be obtained only by prescription. It's even covered by most...
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    Re: USDA Make GMOs Disappear

    Done. They did allow the industry to write the rule....surprise, surprise!!
  10. Re: Free Access to Nutrition Therapy Videos

    The term "orthomolecular" was coined by Linus Pauling in the 60s. I've watched several of these videos and found them informative. At this point, I'm becoming a little confused by all the different...
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    Re: Body Fat Increases Cancer Risk

    Agree with Julieanne. Belly fat is the real culprit....also known as "visceral" fat....because it's concentrated in the abdominal area close to vital organs, like the liver, pancreas, etc. But,...
  12. Re: Protein Mania: The Rich World's New Diet Obsession

    @Islander: You're correct. Any grains: (rice, corn, wheat, barley, etc.)--combined with Legumes: (peas, beans, lentils) will produce "complete or complementary" proteins.

    @Julieanne: You're...
  13. Re: Association of vit. B-6, folate, & vit. B-12 with depressive symptoms among adult

    Yes. B-vits. in general are known for their impact on our nerves, our mood, and our overall general disposition. They are also referred to by some as "stress relievers." Relief from depressive...
  14. Re: Protein Mania: The Rich World's New Diet Obsession

    For vegans, vegetarians, and those trying to reduce their consumption of animal protein and eat more plant-based protein, it's important to note that not all plant protein is created equal. Plants...
  15. Re: New Flu Vaccine More Dangerous And Less Effective

    It seems the push for the flu vaccine has intensified this year. Everywhere I go, including the grocery store, pharmacy, etc., there are offers for "free" flu shots. Sadly, people are lining up for...
  16. Re: Heart Disease Drugs Cause...Heart Disease

    This is an amazing list of ailments caused by statins. Signed on....done!!
  17. Re: FDA Approves VAXELIS, Sanofi (SNY) and Merck's (MRK) Pediatric Hexavalent Combina

    So, these 6 "individual" vaccines are already approved for infants & toddlers. What's new is combining them all together and administering all at one time. I'm trying to determine whether combining...
  18. Re: Vaccine Bombshell: Confidential Document Exposes 36 Infants Dead After This Vacc

    36 infant deaths in 2 yrs....that's more than 1 death per month. This is despicable!! And, we know that people tend to "under-report" adverse reactions. CDC data shows that only between 1% - 10%...
  19. Re: High Doses Of Vitamin D Are Reducing Artery Hardness In Just Four Months

    I've actually adopted your vit. C routine, except I take only about half the amount you take.
  20. Re: Vitamin E Wards Off Glaucoma And Cataracts

    There's actually proof for "vit. C to the rescue." Research shows that oxidation is a contributing factor to developing cataracts. Given vit. C's high antioxidant powers, it makes perfect sense...
  21. Re: High Doses Of Vitamin D Are Reducing Artery Hardness In Just Four Months

    A most astute comment!!! I agree 100% that vit. C gets overlooked so often, when in truth it is a "panacea" for most of what ails us. I have long said that if forced to choose but one supplement...
  22. Re: New York boy dies after smell of cooking fish caused possible allergic reaction:

    There's lots more to this story????
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    Re: Wikipedia a parable for our times

    He says, "....but nutritional science is particularly awful. A complete mess." OK, that's a mouthful. But, when did we become so gullible? We all know we can't believe everything we...
  24. Re: Vitamin E Wards Off Glaucoma And Cataracts

    Yuck, put vit. E on a contact lens before putting it on your eye.....sounds messy. Why not just consume the vit. E. I read that the tocotrienol form of vit. E--not the ever popular tocopherol...
  25. Re: High Doses Of Vitamin D Are Reducing Artery Hardness In Just Four Months

    Hopefully, researchers used vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol), rather than D2 (ergocalciferol). Combining vit. D3 with omega-3 fish oil, olive oil, avocado oil, or other high quality fats makes it more...
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