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  1. Re: Scientists Discover Nutrient That Helps Prevent Bacterial Infection ts

    Too true, Katee! As well, little distinction usually is made among the following: fresh pasture raised beef, CAFO beef raised on a diet which is indigestible for the cattle, and processed meats...
  2. Thread: Volcano

    by Maurya


    Does anyone have some advice for how to counteract the nefarious effects from breathing the sulfurous gases from a volcano? Currently Saint Vincent and Barbadoes are getting hit quite badly from the...
  3. Re: Why You Shouldn't Drink Coffee On An Empty Stomach, According To A Nutritionist

    Yeah, no not likely around here. Without a nice strong mug of black coffee, no way would anything like breakfast take place. I shall just continue using my "crutch".
  4. Thread: Speakerphones

    by Maurya

    Re: Speakerphones

    Oh, too true!
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    Re: Poisonous Profits: Exposing A Scandal

    Did that!
  6. Re: Who Will Deal With Your Online Presence When You Die? How To Create A 'Digital Wi

    What a good idea! Although I do have a will, I now shall set up some of these plans to allow my executor to manage, to memorialize, and otherwise to manage my digital accounts.
  7. Re: The Mood-Enhancing Nutrient To Add To Your Diet From A Nutritional Psychiatrist

    Let's not forget that a supplement called Folic Acid is a synthetic form, not well utilized by the human body. One should look for 5-MTHF or Folate in a supplement.
  8. Re: The Media Is Overhyping Early Detection Tests And This May Harm The Healthy

    Just another method for selling unwanted medical treatments to people who artificially have been made to fear their own bodies. Big bucks to be had for some medical people at the expense of all the...
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    Re: What To Know About Toxic Positivity

    The total lack of realism with the toxic positivity trend leads to its being absolutely useless for real people in the real world. This is the reason why it is becoming so unwelcome.
  10. Re: Biden, companies working to develop ‘vaccine passports.’ It won’t be easy

    Isn't this pretty much the essence of fascism, the marriage of government with the large corporations? Where I live, unless one owns a large seagoing vessel, the only way to travel is to board a...
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    Re: What To Know About Toxic Positivity

    Sadly this toxic positivity has become a thing in recent years. Yes, it is quite toxic, as it amounts to just another "blame the victim" strategy. We all probably have seem some friends or...
  12. Re: More Protein Doesn't Mean More Strength In Resistance-Trained Middle-Aged Male Ad

    "None of the participants had previous weightlifting experience." This quote illustrates the limitation of this study, as well as most other studies in this matter. A beginner in weight training...
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    Re: Report from Ray Sahelian, M.D.

    Most well thought out description of our current status that I have read. Thank you Islander.
  14. Re: By the end of the century, summer weather could last half a year (not a good thin

    Yes, we are right in the predicted pathway for the hurricanes. We shall see what this year brings us.
  15. Re: Does Body Fat Protect Females From Heart Disease?

    Building muscle mass decreases mortality and improves health altogether by almost any measure for almost any illness.
  16. Re: By the end of the century, summer weather could last half a year (not a good thin

    Not to mention that the Atlantic hurricane season already has been declared to begin two weeks earlier than the traditional 1 June beginning date. Earlier, more frequent, and more severe hurricanes...
  17. Re: Could Catnip Become The New Insect Repellent?

    It wouldn't be so bad to find oneself covered with cats.
  18. Re: Eating Processed Meat Could Increase Dementia Risk Researchers Say

    This study illustrates some of the issues with other studies, which have failed to differentiate between eating a freshly cooked steak and eating a hot dog. Big difference, but when all "red meat"...
  19. Re: The Great Snack Divide: Should You Eat Three Square Meals Day - Or !7 Tiny Ones?

    I think that I would agree with Islander on this one. I generally eat two meals each day, brunch and dinner. As I usually dislike social eating altogether, this is a pretty easy plan for me, but...
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    Re: Spring season travel plans

    I have no travel plans, and if things keep going the way they currently are headed, I probably never will leave this island again in my lifetime. Nonetheless, if you are planning to travel to the...
  21. Re: Essential Role Of Magnesium, Signs Of Deficiency, Magnesium-Rich Foods

    This was a pretty good article on the differing forms of magnesium. All elemental magnesium exists in a form bound to some other element. I have a few small quibbles with the article. The common...
  22. Re: Why The Cleveland Clinic Trial On Vitamin C And Zinc Failed

    This seems like good doses for prevention, but not much to treat a virus already in progress.
  23. Re: Can Increasing Vitamin C Intake Help Stop Bleeding Gums?

    My understanding had been that the bioflavonoids which accompany ascorbate when found in nature, such as hesperidin, rutin, etc., are essential to prevent gum disease.
  24. Re: The Most And Least Pesticide-Contaminated Produce

    And once again, I am so glad that I live where I live. Now to start cooking some of those nice fresh collard greens.
  25. Re: How Does Fake News Of 5G And Covid-19 Spread Worldwide?

    "Dispelling myths and encouraging people to fact-check sources could help build trust with the public."

    IMHO the better means of building trust with the public would be for official health...
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