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  1. Re: Many Seniors with Depression Faring Well During Pandemic

    vishal ghatul, the effects of expressive therapy sound encouraging. I thought it was interesting until I came to the end, where it seemed obvious that all the information was merely leading up to a...
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    Four hundred and fifty-two

    When I went in to check member applications, I noticed that there were 452 users online right now. That's the highest number I've seen in a long time. I just wish more of them would become...
  3. Re: In controversial decision, FDA approves first new Alzheimer's drug in nearly 20 y

    "Bloomberg School epidemiologist Caleb Alexander recently warned that the FDA was poised to make an unfortunate decision: approving the controversial Alzheimer’s drug known as Aduhelm.
  4. In controversial decision, FDA approves first new Alzheimer's drug in nearly 20 years

    Jacqueline Howard
    Mon June 7, 2021

    The US Food and Drug Administration on Monday approved the use of the experimental drug aducanumab for early phases of Alzheimer's disease -- despite an FDA...
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    A chicken walks into the library and up to the desk.
    "Buk" says the chicken, so the librarian gives him a book. The chicken leaves with the book and returns five minutes later. "Buk," he says, so...
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    Re: Blenders Vs Juicers: Pros And Cons

    Ocean Robbins is an American entrepreneur, professor and author. He is best known for co-founding Food Revolution Network, Inc. a California-based company that advocates for a whole foods,...
  7. Re: Buyer beware: Adulterated honey makes up one third of international trade

    Fortunately, here in Maine there are several local beekeepers where I can get raw organic honey direct from the beekeeper.
  8. Buyer beware: Adulterated honey makes up one third of international trade

    Organic Consumers Association (no author cited)
    May 20, 2021

    Outrageously, one third of honey in international trade is adulterated or 100% false.

    The Honey Authenticity Project has created...
  9. Re: !How To Make A Simple Banana Peel Fertilizer

    Sounds like a great idea but it's not very practical for me. I live alone and I might eat a third of a banana a day so it will take me a long time to get through enough bananas to make the effort of...
  10. Re: 'Forever'' Chemicals Found In Home Fertilizer Made From Sewage Sludge

    It's far more serious than that. A community about a half hour away from me here in Eastern Maine has been dumping effluent containing forever chemicals in such a way as to contaminate local wells in...
  11. Could Getting Dirty and Being Exposed to Germs Boost Your Health?

    Ruben Castaneda and Michael O. Schroeder
    Sept. 19, 2019
    Are allergies and asthma the result of being too clean?

    It's commonplace today for people to clean their hands with antibacterial or ...
  12. Re: Is The Microbiome Another Organ? May We Should Treat It As such

    Then you are another example of how we are what we eat! Diet + lifestyle = who we are!
  13. Re: Combination Of Omega 3's In Supplements May Blunt Heart Benefit

    I'm so glad you found this, Julieanne, thank you for posting it! My supplement contains both, as mentioned in the study. The bottle is almost empty and having read the above, I won't order it again!
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    Re: Blenders Vs Juicers: Pros And Cons

    Julieanne, if you are connected to Ocean Robbins, you must have seen the original video. I was able to get a complimentary copy of that DVD. There are several people I'd really like to share it with....
  15. Re: No Link Between Milk And Increased Cholesterol - Study Of 2 million People

    But low fat products are usually processed foods, which I don't buy in the first place. One exception that comes to mind — but it's dairy again — is yogurt. I prefer full fat but I'm sure low fat...
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    Health Benefits of Purslane

    Purslane, a succulent weed, is one of my favorite salad vegetables. I don't need to do a thing about planting it since it seeds itself in my garden prolifically every year. In fact, wild greens like...
  17. Re: No Link Between Milk And Increased Cholesterol - Study Of 2 million People

    All doctors should be aware of this by now but sadly, many are not. I know several people who are still on statins and of course, without the right letters after my name, my advice carries no weight....
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    Re: Kratom Legality in the U.S. By State

    The user who posted spam here was thomaslist
    The IP addresses used to post the spam:
    thomaslist has been banned forever.

    Think before advertising products here.
  19. Quercetin: What It Is and Why You Need It

    GreenMedInfo Research Group
    May 19th 2021

    Find out more about quercetin and how this potent antioxidant flavonoid offers significant therapeutic benefits against a wide range of conditions,...
  20. Re: Heart rate sensor app for Samsung/android phones

    I don't think there's anything like that on my Galaxy A-21.
  21. Research findings that are probably wrong cited far more than robust ones, study find

    Ian Sample
    Fri 21 May 2021

    Academics suspect papers with grabby conclusions are waved through more easily by reviewers

    Scientific research findings that are probably wrong gain far more...
  22. You Asked: Is It Bad to Be Inside All Day?

    I thought this was simply commonsense advice, but as I read through it, I decided that the information was worth posting. Tell me if you agree!

    Markham Heid ...
  23. Re: A Tragic Death Is A Reminder That Unnecessary Tests Have The Potential To Cause h

    The only screening I can think of was the mammogram, which I dropped out of at the age of 55 or so. I felt that it was uncomfortable and unnecessary. I already survived one round of cancer and did...
  24. Re: Black or 'Other'? Doctors may be relying on race to make decisions about your hea

    Well I am an old timer too and I can encourage you, Havanana. I've lived to see the laws in my state change in significant ways. We have eliminated discrimination on the basis of religion, race,...
  25. Re: Should the Rich Be Allowed to Buy the Best Genes?

    Pattypans, I couldn't read beyond those paragraphs either, but I think just posing the question is provocative enough. I was trying to remember a pertinent quotation by Truman after the deployment of...
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