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  1. Re: Coconut Oil Improves Brain Function In Alzheimer's Patients

    How cold was it today? Cold enough that my coconut oil went solid; I had to use a spoon to scoop some out for my dinner. Usually it just pours out of the container.
  2. Re: Glucosamine For Arthritiis - New Advice to Stop?

    The only thing that I might add is that glucosamine HCl is cheaper, but is almost completely ineffective. Check to see that the supplement that is being considered is glucosamine sulfate.
  3. Re: 4 Potential Side Effects Of Too Much Folic Acid

    Here is Doctor Wright's take on the synthetic folic acid issue. I remembered reading this from years ago, and was able to find it on line.
  4. Re: Exercise Has The Same Effect On The Brain As Coffee

    One of my main remaining small pleasures in life is my morning cup of coffee, black, made from organic coffee beans. First thing in the morning, right after taking the dog out. Everything else just...
  5. Re: Is a 'Fetal Heartbeat' Really a Heartbeat at 6 Weeks?

    Thank you Mr Wizard!
  6. Re: Ketogenic Diets Are Effective But May Be Harmful Over Time

    I would think that one week is barely enough time for a body to become fat adapted, but nonetheless agree that a ketogenic diet maintained for longer than a few weeks may be counterproductive. ...
  7. Re: Sun Exposure: Cancer Cause or Part of the Solution?

    This is old news, but still true. As it now is tourist season here, we have a lot of people who are impatient to get to the beach from wherever they have come from up north. They have a short...
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    Re: Vitamin C Protects Against Coronavirus

    In the US, they now have outlawed the more effective IV ascorbate treatment, which always was better for immediate treatment in cases where large doses of vitamin C were required.
  9. Re: As Climate Change Worsens, A Cascade of Tipping Points Looms

    I'm such a Cassandra! Perhaps it is because I live on an island, where the ocean currents are such an important part of our daily lives that I have been harping upon this for many years. Once the...
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    Re: Can You Overdose On Vitamins?

    In addition, many seeming overdoses could be traced to an imbalance among various different nutrients which must be maintained within a reasonable balance, rather than to an actual excess of any one...
  11. America’s most widely consumed cooking oil causes genetic changes in the brain

    Neuroscience News (no author given)
    JANUARY 17, 2020

    Summary: Soybean oil, the most consumed cooking oil in the US, has been linked to neurological and metabolic alterations in mice. Soybean...
  12. Re: Backlash Over Meat Dietary Recommendations Raises Questions About Corporate Ties

    Thanks Islander. These were my thoughts, as well.
  13. Re: Study Shows How Sewage Plants Can Remove Pharmaceuticals From Wastewater

    No, 'fraid not. We the people decided that we prefer "Greed is Good" over and above "Hope and Change". Perhaps we might manage to turn that around come November 2020.
  14. Backlash Over Meat Dietary Recommendations Raises Questions About Corporate Ties

    Rita Rubin, MA
    January 15, 2020

    It’s almost unheard of for medical journals to get blowback for studies before the data are published. But that’s what happened to the Annals of Internal Medicine...
  15. Re: Ginger Improves Symptoms Of Ulcerative Colitis

    Mr Wiz, please tell me, as well. I have tried several different combo sources with these ingredients. Still have yet to settle on the best.
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    Re: The medications that change who we are

    What is scary to me, whenever I think about this, is now many people we encounter daily are really "not themselves" as a result of taking some of these drugs. They are unaware of it, and so are we...
  17. Re: Ginger Improves Symptoms Of Ulcerative Colitis

    Islander, ginger is known to have a synergistic effect with turmeric, along with the more well know black pepper and boswellia.
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    Re: Recommended Health Sources?

    Always, we must follow the money!
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    Re: Megavitamin Myth-Busting

    Geez! Talk about "fake news"!
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    Re: Should We All Be Eating More Protein?

    "Robert Morton, a Canadian exercise scientist from McMaster University, did just that. He compiled 49 protein studies comprising 1,863 men and women who'd been lifting weights between 6 and 52 weeks....
  21. Re: The Five Most Science-Backed Nootropics For Energy

    Don't know much about Citicoline, but the rest of this group sounds like a very good synergistic combination to me.
  22. Re: The Boiling Frog (Is Us): Signs of Distress from 5000 B.C.E. to Today

    Everything I have heard from friends who are ethnobiologists, and otherwise students of "primitive" people such as the Yanamamo confirm the thesis in the Great Forgetting. Too bad we all have...
  23. Re: FTC Charges Prevagen with Deceptive Memory, Cognitive Improvement Claims

    Pattypans, I played the role of "Marilyn" in a comedy called Ripcord. The tough part was that I took over the role after another actor dropped out almost a month into rehearsals, so I had to catch...
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    Re: How Much Omega-3 Should You Get Each Day?

    Most nuts and seeds are high in Omega 6 fatty acids, which are fine, but as mentioned it is the balance which is quite important.
  25. Re: FTC Charges Prevagen with Deceptive Memory, Cognitive Improvement Claims

    I take a gingko supplement, as well. So far, so good. I was able to memorize almost 100 pages of dialogue for the play I was in recently, although it was difficult for me to get it done.
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