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  1. Re: 10% Weight Loss Could Send Type 2 Diabetes Into Remission

    Maurya confirms all of this and then some. Islander is one amazing woman!
  2. Re: Vitamin C Therapy Linked To Better Survival Rates After Sepsis

    It has been said that one should take vitamin C up to "bowel tolerance". Interesting is that in severe cases of illness that bowel tolerance just never is reached. The body just gobbles up and uses...
  3. Re: For The First Time Walking Patterns Identify Specific Types Of Dementia

    Mercury again! Thanks Mr Wiz!
  4. Re: Effect of high-dose intravenous vitamin C on inflammation in cancer patients

    I'm so glad to see that the wheel once again has been reinvented. Thank you Dr Klenner and Dr Pauling.
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    Re: A Guide To Get Fit At The Gym

    I got tired of paying for a gym membership several decades ago, and began purchasing my own equipment, beginning with a pair of 20 pound dumbbells, and expanding my collection until I have most of my...
  6. Re: Vitamin E Found To Prevent Muscle Damage After Heart Attack

    Alpha tocopherol is essential for nutrition in Rats, who were the test subjects in almost all of the early vitamin E studies. Subsequently scientists have found that alpha tocopherol is significant...
  7. Re: For The First Time Walking Patterns Identify Specific Types Of Dementia

    So many questions. One could eat eggs for the choline, but then what are the cofactors which the body uses to convert choline into acetylcholine? I have been reading a bit about this topic...
  8. Re: Experimental Blood Tests To Detect Alzheimer's

    My response to this is to ask myself the usual question: What would I do differently if I knew? As currently no effective treatment is employed, nor is there any cure, I would do all the good...
  9. Re: Toxic Tattoo Ink Accumulates in Lymph Nodes, Causes Lifelong Cancer Risk

    I'm doomed!
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    Re: Can Exercise Slow Down Alzheimer's?

    Epigenetics at work again.
  11. Re: Iron Rich Foods May Cancel Out Tomatoes' Anti-Cancer Benefits

    One never should cook food which includes tomatoes in a cast iron skillet. Here is yet another reason for that avoidance.
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    Re: Eggs And Meat Reduce Dementia Risk

    Yes, excess fat is poured over dog kibbles.
  13. Re: Vitamin E Found To Prevent Muscle Damage After Heart Attack

    What Mr Wiz said; as well, quite a bit of evidence indicates that d-Gamma tocopherol is the most active one in humans. So why conduct the testing with d-alpha, or even worse dl-alpha tocopherol,...
  14. Re: Physical Fitness Linked To Better Brain Function

    Those were just my thoughts, Mr Wiz. Not exactly rocket science to see how physical activity can help kids learn.
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    Re: The autistic children of Donor H898

    A few random observations: So does one conclude that if nobody stands to make a boodle of money on a lawsuit, it must be presumed that no issue exists? Pretty sad state of our culture and society. ...
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    Re: The Water Wars Are Here

    At the individual level, some of us still do live like this. The vast majority of water wastage, however, is accomplished at the industrial level. The amount I save as an individual is just as...
  17. Thread: Save CBD Now

    by Maurya

    Re: Save CBD Now

    Did that!
  18. Re: Vitamin D Supplements For Reducing Cancer Mortality

    Really vitamin D is a pro-hormone or hormone precursor, neither a true vitamin nor a true hormone.
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    Re: Using Young Blood to Battle Alzheimer’s

    I dunno. Reminds me somewhat of vampires.
  20. Re: Facebook debuts vaccine pop-up windows to stop the spread of misinformation

    The Ministry of Truth strikes again.
  21. Re: Blood Pressure Meds Cause Dangerous Intestinal Problems

    Thanks for the clarification, Mr Wiz. Sometimes I get too busy to read the whole article.
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    Re: Why Is Natural Medicine Being Ignored?

    Did that!
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    Re: What not to do when you go to a gym!

    There is training for strength and then there is training for size (hypertrophy). Different goals require differing rep ranges, differing loads (amount of weight used), and differing time under...
  24. Re: Vitamin D: How Much Is Too Much Of A Good Thing?

    Mr Wiz is so correct. My cynical self does wonder whether many of these "careless" studies actually were set up and designed to "prove" that a substance, usually a nutrient or supplement, is...
  25. Re: Red Wine In Moderation May Protect Gut Health

    Actually there is more resveratrol in merlot or pinot noir than in cabernet.
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