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  1. Re: Consumers Are Losing Trust In The Supplements Industry: We Need To Earn It Back

    We get what we pay for. If the product seems to good to be true at that price, it probably should be avoided. Researching for a reputable brand name always is important, so much more so when it...
  2. Re: Vitamin K2: Could The Power Vitamin Help To Reduce Alzheimer’s Disease Risk?

    For what its worth, I have been taking a vitamin K blend from Life Extension with a total of 3735 mcg.
  3. Re: Bayer Confirms End of Sale of Glyphosate-Based Herbicides for US Lawn & Garden Ma

    Good news! Let's hope this sticks.
  4. Re: Can Viral Shedding After Covid Vaccine Infect Others? That's A Big No

    Does this help? If not, I have more sources.
  5. Re: Can Viral Shedding After Covid Vaccine Infect Others? That's A Big No

    The vaxx people do not shed the actual virus, but the purpose of the mRNA is to migrate to the liver where the spike proteins are meant to replicate like crazy. These spike proteins do get shed to...
  6. Re: White House to Ask SMS Carriers to Monitor Vax 'Misinformation' in Private Text M

    Yes, this is most alarming. This illustrates the importance of writing in some sort of code.
  7. Re: 9 Natural Sleep Aids That May Help You Get Some Shut Eye

    I have no answer to this conundrum, Islander. Something similar takes place with me. I wish I knew.
  8. Re: Doctors Given Power to Vaccinate Young Children Without the Knowledge of Paren

    No, sorry Pattypans, but this unfortunate marriage of government with private pharmaceutical corporations is called fascism. Socialism is an entirely different phenomenon. Still horrible in any...
  9. Re: Buyer beware: Adulterated honey makes up one third of international trade

    Yes, here is yet another reason to keep our food buying as close to local as possible. I am fortunate to have many local beekeepers quite close to where I live. The coolest was when my friend (and...
  10. Re: No Link Between Milk And Increased Cholesterol - Study Of 2 million People

    re: Yogurt. This is a sample from one small island. I prefer full fat organic plain yogurt, as do several of my local friends. We have located ONE store which sometimes carries this, and have a...
  11. Re: No Link Between Milk And Increased Cholesterol - Study Of 2 million People

    Isn't it time finally to put this erroneous dietary cholesterol hypothesis to bed? The human body produces the quantity and the quality of cholesterol it needs, regardless of the actual cholesterol...
  12. Thread: Is BMI A Scam?

    by Maurya

    Re: Is BMI A Scam?

    BMI is such a rough estimate that it fails to take any individual factors into account. One wants to maintain a healthy ratio of fat to lean body mass. BMI is nothing but a different way of...
  13. Re: A Tragic Death Is A Reminder That Unnecessary Tests Have The Potential To Cause h

    My own rationale for whether or not to have any of these "screening" tests is to ask myself (including doing some research and study, whenever necessary) what I would do if the test were to reveal...
  14. Re: Recommendations for Fully Vaccinated People (CDC)

    What Islander said. As well, some people who have a propensity toward certain auto immune conditions will experience a paradoxical reaction to having been vaccinated, whereby their symptoms if they...
  15. Re: ‘Your mouth becomes a minefield’: the Americans who can’t afford the dentist

    This is so idiotic to assume that teeth are inessential bones which have no effect in the rest of the body.
  16. Re: Will an RNA Vaccine Permanently Alter My DNA?

    This is an excellent exposition on why I have declined to become an experimental subject.
  17. Re: Do You Really Need To Drink 8 Glasses Of Water A Day?

    I love me some coconut water, but it takes some skill to hack open that coconut.
  18. Thread: Speakerphones

    by Maurya

    Re: Speakerphones

    I have quite a bit of hearing loss, as well. I use a Bluetooth device with my phone, without which I can hear almost nothing. No need to use the speaker phone.
  19. Re: Scientists Discover Nutrient That Helps Prevent Bacterial Infection ts

    Too true, Katee! As well, little distinction usually is made among the following: fresh pasture raised beef, CAFO beef raised on a diet which is indigestible for the cattle, and processed meats...
  20. Thread: Volcano

    by Maurya


    Does anyone have some advice for how to counteract the nefarious effects from breathing the sulfurous gases from a volcano? Currently Saint Vincent and Barbadoes are getting hit quite badly from the...
  21. Re: Why You Shouldn't Drink Coffee On An Empty Stomach, According To A Nutritionist

    Yeah, no not likely around here. Without a nice strong mug of black coffee, no way would anything like breakfast take place. I shall just continue using my "crutch".
  22. Thread: Speakerphones

    by Maurya

    Re: Speakerphones

    Oh, too true!
  23. Replies

    Re: Poisonous Profits: Exposing A Scandal

    Did that!
  24. Re: Who Will Deal With Your Online Presence When You Die? How To Create A 'Digital Wi

    What a good idea! Although I do have a will, I now shall set up some of these plans to allow my executor to manage, to memorialize, and otherwise to manage my digital accounts.
  25. Re: The Mood-Enhancing Nutrient To Add To Your Diet From A Nutritional Psychiatrist

    Let's not forget that a supplement called Folic Acid is a synthetic form, not well utilized by the human body. One should look for 5-MTHF or Folate in a supplement.
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