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  1. Standard Hormone Therapy Makes Prostate Cancer Life-Threatening

    Bryan Hubbard
    December 6 2018

    A standard hormone treatment for prostate cancer can sometimes cause the cancer to spread or recur, researchers have found.
    Androgen-targeted ...
  2. Why The World Is Becoming More Allergic To Food

    Dr Alexandra Santos
    December 3 2018

    Around the world, children are far more likely than ever before to develop food allergies.
    Recent inquiries into the deaths of two British teenagers after...
  3. Your Complete Guide to Polyols And Health

    Joe Leech
    December 6, 2018

    Polyols are popular as a sugar replacement.
    However, some people worry that replacing sugar with sweeteners like ...
  4. Re: Hormones In US Beef Linked To Increased Cancer Risk

    Sure, I'll just drop in - it's only 128km away, about 1 1/2 hours by car! I have actually been there, many years ago, when friends had a farm.
  5. Bypassing Surgery: Can Leafy Greens Repair Your Arteries?

    December 6 2018

    We all know that leafy green vegetables are good for us, but do you know why they’re so good? There are plenty of reasons but, when it comes to heart health, the...
  6. Re: Hormones In US Beef Linked To Increased Cancer Risk

    Apologies - I didn't check the date before I posted, so this is quite old news.
  7. Hormones In US Beef Linked To Increased Cancer Risk

    Dr . Samuel S. Epstein
    October 21 2009

    Beef produced in the United States is heavily contaminated with natural or synthetic sex hormones, which are associated with an increased risk of ...
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    Re: Coffee Reverses Alzheimer's

    No way could I drink five cups a day, I have enough trouble with insomnia as it is. Apparently it is the caffeine that benefits, so decaffeinated would be no help. I'll have to stick to my...
  9. Re: Saturated Fats Guard Against Heart Disease, Top Cardiologists Told

    frankquinn, "You can easily workout at least 1 to 2 hours daily". I don't know anyone who has this much time to spare, and that much time spent on exercise has not been proved necessary.
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    Anti Supplement Push In EU

    ANH International
    November 28 2018

    In a deeply retrogressive move, the Spanish government is planning a major crackdown on natural remedies, ranging from homeopathy through to food ...
  11. Do Blue Light Blocking Glasses Really Work?

    Jordyn Cormier
    November 27 2018

    There is a new trend taking social media by storm—computer glasses. As our lifestyles begin to rely more and more on screens, the effects of these screens on our...
  12. Proven Herbal Treatment For Crohn's Disease

    Ail De Vere
    December1 2018

    These evidence-based botanical medicines proven to induce or maintain remission in the debilitating inflammatory bowel disease known as Crohn’s offer hope to those...
  13. Scientists Devise The Ultimate Anti-Cancer Diet

    Bryan Hubbard
    June 15 2017

    Scientists have come up with the ultimate anti-cancer diet that could prevent—and even reverse—the disease.
    A diet that includes apples—and...
  14. Israeli Scientist Wins EU Innovation Award For Breath Test Device That Detects Diseas

    No Camels
    November 26 2018

    Israeli Professor Hossam Haick of the Wolfson Faculty of Chemical Engineering at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology was awarded the European Commission...
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    Re: Pomegranates Help Stroke Recovery

    Mr Wizard, I posted this last year. I did a bit of research as I had the same concerns. Quite a surprise!
  16. This Loophole Allows Chemicals To Hide In Your Food

    Michael Sikora
    Novemner 29 2018

    We often see “artificial” or “natural” flavors listed among the ingredients on foods we buy, but do consumers know what these terms mean? Action Alert!
  17. Millions Of Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Released......It Didn't Work

    The Telegraph
    November 26 2018

    Plans to use genetically modified mosquitoes to rid the world of malaria, dengue, yellow fever and zika have faltered after officials admitted that a major pilot...
  18. Re: Is Your Kindle Healthy? | Eye Health Blog

    I wonder if all those books include school books? That would bump up the number.
  19. Re: Is Your Kindle Healthy? | Eye Health Blog

    Me too! I very rarely buy books these days and rely heavily on my local library for reading material. We have a small book club, where instead of all reading the same book, we discuss what books we...
  20. Re: Super Celebrities Who Are Still Alive – They Would Never Think About Their Retire

    Charlie Sheen is only 53! A little young for retirement.

    I wonder how many of those women have NOT had surgical help to look good?
  21. Women Fed Soy Formula As Babies More Likely To Suffer Severe Menstrual Pains

    Bryan Hubbard
    November 22 2018

    Young women who suffer severe menstrual pains are more likely to have been fed soy formula when they were babies. The formula could also affect their chances of...
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    Pomegranates Help Stroke Recovery

    May 10 2018

    Everyone wants to stave-off the cognitive decline that is routinely experienced as we age. What if that decline wasn’t inevitable? As a recent study shows, there is a...
  23. Organophosphates Cause Learning Problems, Say Health Experts

    Bryan Hubbard
    November 23 2018

    Health experts are calling for the immediate ban of organophosphate insecticides because they are causing learning and attention problems in children.
  24. Hope For Peanut Allergy Sufferers After Groundbreaking New Study

    Steve Williams
    November 25 2018

    A treatment for peanut allergies that could literally save children’s lives just passed a big testing milestone, but uncertainty over pricing looms on the...
  25. Powerful And Proliferative: The Formidable Purslane

    November 14 2018

    What is considered a weed to some may be a powerful medicine to others. Valued in many cultures worldwide, this herbaceous succulent provides an array of...
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