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  1. Re: Federal Court Reverses EPA Approval of Crop-Harming Dicamba

    Great "win" for us all, especially the farmers. The Bayer official who approved the purchase of Monsanto must be kicking himself daily. In addition to settling tens of thousands of lawsuits related...
  2. Thread: Corona

    by Mr. Wizard

    Re: Corona

    Funny!! That's a good one.
  3. Re: 6 Incredible Teas That Lower Inflammation

    Yes, I was surprise to learn of the connection between glucose and vitamin C. Glucose transporters take both glucose and vitamin C into the cells. But, they compete against each other for entry. ...
  4. Re: There Has Been An Increase In Other Causes Of Deaths, Not Just Coronavirus

    Not sure we'll ever know how many deaths can be attributed to COVID-19. U.S. legislation passed at the beginning of COVID provides healthcare providers "extra" money for COVID patients--a 20% add-on...
  5. Re: There's Only One Way To Contract Covid-19 When Grocery Shopping

    This is welcome news to those freaking out about contracting the virus via their groceries. Of all the ways CDC speculated that one could contract the virus, groceries was never a real concern for...
  6. Re: 6 Incredible Teas That Lower Inflammation

    And caffeine, booze, some pharmaceutical drugs & medications, and most forms of "sugar," especially HFCS (high-fructose corn syrup)----all deplete vit. C. **I just learned that vitamin C and sugar...
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    Re: It's Getting very DRY out here

    Lol. "Real drinkers" would die if forced to drink their booze through a soda straw.
  8. Re: 6 Incredible Teas That Lower Inflammation

    Yeah, this addresses "absorption," while I focused on "bioavailability." Absorption is tricky because so many factors control how much the body absorbs, primarily digestive issues, like IBS.
  9. Re: 6 Incredible Teas That Lower Inflammation

    Islander, you're right that your body could have used most of the C. As you know, vitamin C does not only fortify the immune system, which is why most people supplement with it. It also plays a...
  10. Re: 6 Incredible Teas That Lower Inflammation

    Maurya: Your mention of Dr. Pauling using "sodium ascorbate" made me curious about other forms, like calcium ascorbate, potassium, magnesium, chromium, zinc, molybdenum, manganese ascorbate, etc. ...
  11. Re: So far COVID-19 measures haven't sequestered any perceptible CO2 from the atmosph

    This is an excellent point! As I understand the issue, despite the drastic reductions in global carbon emissions due to COVID-19, the consistent atmospheric levels of CO2 shows just how long it...
  12. Re: Sweden's Covid-19 Death Toll Becomes Highest In The World

    Well, the data makes clear that Sweden's approach killed a bunch of elderly people!! As of May 29, Sweden had about 4,500 COVID deaths. 4032 deaths were for people 70 yrs. old or older. COVID...
  13. Re: Doctors Gagged As Feds Launch Censorship Campaign

    This is true during normal times. Just continuing the same practice during a time when the public needs this info. even more. Signed.
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    Re: Corona Virus

    Funny!! Hope there's some truth in this statement.
  15. Re: Seeing Is Believing: How Media Mythbusting Can Actually Make False Beliefs Stron

    Many people don't have time--or won't make time--to dig beneath the surface of media stories. I find most print and broadcast media stories to be woefully superficial. I'm a researcher at heart,...
  16. Re: David Attenborough to Publish 'Witness Statement' On Climate Crisis

    Julieanne: Thanks for the addt'l info. For some reason, Attenborough's work has escaped my attention. You've made me now sufficiently curious about St. David.
  17. Re: US Government Weakens Regulations on GMOs Despite Public Distrust

    No surprise the government will allow the fox to continue to guard the hen house. But, there's a double whammy here. Not only do we suffer from the GMO crops, but the "herbicide drift of GMOs"...
  18. Re: David Attenborough to Publish 'Witness Statement' On Climate Crisis

    Was not familiar with "David Attenborough"?? He's a broadcaster & historian. Wonder how much attention he will attract with his "witness statement," given his credentials. We should all know by...
  19. Re: McDonalds Fans Drive 400km For Fastfood Feast After 8 Weeks In Lockdown

    Guess this shows why Mickey D's is the global powerhouse that it is. With international sales revenue totaling over $100 Billion in 2019 from almost 39,000 restaurants worldwide, it is right up...
  20. Re: Seeing Is Believing: How Media Mythbusting Can Actually Make False Beliefs Stron

    Interesting. Not sure we should blame the media for making false claims stronger. Perhaps, the burden rests with the reader for not taking the time to truly understand what they're reading or...
  21. Re: Sweden's Covid-19 Death Toll Becomes Highest In The World

    Sweden's approach to COVID-19 provides an interesting contrast to other Scandinavian countries. Universities and high schools were closed, but primary schools remained open. They say a lockdown of...
  22. Re: 6 Incredible Teas That Lower Inflammation

    A gram of vit. C every hour is a lot. According to the Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State Univ., the body fully absorbs up to 200 mg. at one time. Beyond that amount, a fraction is absorbed...
  23. Re: Wuhan & US scientists used undetectable methods of genetic engineering on bat cor

    This article makes it clear that the experts don't agree on this issue, which will probably be debated until the cows come home. The U.S. Army has several bio-safety #4 labs, and some have been...
  24. Re: Covid-19 Survivors Could Suffer Health Effects For Years

    So, long lasting damage could continue to manifest anywhere in the body, from the heart to the kidneys, toes, and even the gut. I would prefer long lasting damage anywhere but my gut, as almost 70...
  25. Re: WHO Halts Hydroxychloroquine Trial Over Safety Concerns

    Perhaps now, the millions of Americans who suffer from Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and other autoimmune diseases will be able to again get their hydroxychloroquine prescripts filled. Since the drug...
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