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    Re: Type Two Diabetes Reversible

    Congratulations, Islander, on your diligence and determination to consistently maintain your A1c at 5.1. You're proof that lifestyle & diet modifications will improve blood sugar level. No need for...
  2. Re: Dr. Toni Bark simply schools Washington Legislators

    Supplementing with trace minerals, like copper, is extremely tricky. We get copper from utensils, tea kettles, pots & pans, and pipes, although older copper pipes don't leach anywhere near as much...
  3. Re: Women May Have Younger Brains Than Men

    I just read about a study that concluded women have more stress in their lives than men. But, women cope better with stress because the female brain releases "significantly more" oxytocin (a hormone...
  4. Re: Women May Have Younger Brains Than Men

    This is the most interesting thing I've read in a while. Too bad they're just beginning to understand this 4 yr. gap in the male and female adult brain. The male brain weighs more than the female...
  5. Re: New Science Finds Magnesium Safer, More Affordable, And More Effective Than Depre

    Islander, of the 6 foods you listed above, I eat only one--broccoli--on a consistent basis. That's why I supplement because my diet is so limited. I like the foods I like. So, branching out and...
  6. Re: Dr. Toni Bark simply schools Washington Legislators

    Julieanne, thanks to the enlightening, informative posts you and Islander provide every day, I feel I'm the one who learns something new every time I log in to HH. Thanks for your diligence.
  7. Re: Paradoxical Effect Of Anti-HPV Vaccine Gardasil On Cervical Cancer Rate

    And, it's not just your daughter they want to vaccinate. CDC is now recommending Gardasil or Gardasil 9 for boys too! CDC recommends boys get vaccinated between ages 11 - 13, but boys as young as 9...
  8. Re: New Science Finds Magnesium Safer, More Affordable, And More Effective Than Depre

    This study used magnesium chloride--(4) 500mg. tablets per day for 6 weeks. Magnesium chloride can be hard on the kidneys, so people with kidney problems may want to choose another form. Also, I...
  9. Re: Dr. Toni Bark simply schools Washington Legislators

    I think I get your point, but "technically" I view it slightly differently. When I think of the taxpayer, I think about something we all have to pay, like taxes on our income. But, with vaccines,...
  10. Re: New Study Links Acetaminophen (Tylenol) To ADD, Hyperactivity

    Excellent point, Islander. Acetaminophen is really some nasty stuff, capable of destroying the liver with prolonged use. But, you're right about linking this stuff to ADD or ADHD. When I read...
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    Re: Mechanic vs. heart surgeon

    Good answer!! Lol.
  12. Re: Dr. Toni Bark simply schools Washington Legislators

    Great question, Julieanne. Welcome back. You were missed!!
    Actually, the government isn't paying. Payments are made from a "Vaccine Injury Trust Fund," which is sustained by charging every...
  13. Re: Death Of A Whistleblower And Cochrane's Moral Collapse

    As I noted in response to the HH piece on Cochrane in Sept. 2018, it's a hugely diverse organization with over 11,000 multi-discipline members. With the introduction of big money ($1.5 million Gates...
  14. Re: Dr. Toni Bark simply schools Washington Legislators

    Clearly, vaccines are not "safe & effective" for everyone, as Dr. Bark stated. Want proof? Take a look at the Vaccine Injury Compensation Report. Since 1988, the Vaccine Injury Program has paid...
  15. Re: Arizona Bill Proposes Full Disclosure of Vaccine Ingredients and Side Effects

    Agree, most parents wouldn't understand the ingredients handout. Worse yet, if they sought help from the doc, most of them would not know the ingredients in vaccines either. Sure, they might say...
  16. Re: Arizona Bill Proposes Full Disclosure of Vaccine Ingredients and Side Effects

    Good for State Senator Boyer!! However, it sounds a bit duplicative, given the federal government already requires this.
    The National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 "requires" all vaccine...
  17. Re: The Case for Transmissible Alzheimer's Grows

    Very informative. I have a close friend who is an opthamologist. He specializes in cornea transplants. He made me aware of prion disease, which can result from a cornea transplant. So, I get the...
  18. Re: The best thing you can do for your health: sleep well

    Sleep requirements vary from person to person, like calorie intake and energy levels. IMHO, the 8 hour requirement is not needed by everyone. As for health, my understanding is that the first 4...
  19. Re: Best Kept Secrets To Prevent, Halt Or Even Reverse Macular Degeneration

    Coconut oil has so many health benefits. It's mostly lauric acid, which is highly protective of the retina. I've used coconut oil--off and on--for cooking, oil pulling for my teeth, etc. But, for...
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    Re: Varicose vein

    Sclerotherapy involves injecting a chemical into the veins to essentially collapse them and make them disappear. In addition to sclerotherapy, there are treatments with laser, heat, surgery, and...
  21. Re: Managing Conflicts of Interest in the National Organic Program

    Cornucopia's recommendation to address the "revolving door" between USDA certifiers and National Organic Program (NOP) employees does not go far enough. The revolving door is inevitable, but in...

    According to the U.S. National Cancer Institute, over 200 different cancer types have been identified...and that number continues to grow. There are 12 different types of leukemia, and 9 different...
  23. Re: The Real Story of Dr. Andrew Wakefield and MMR

    Agree, this story doesn't seem to be the "full" story. Last I heard, he is living in Texas and still busy promoting the connection between the MMR vaccine and autism. I read he has found support in...
  24. Re: The biggest food recall of 2018 is one you still haven’t heard about

    This recall was about commercial ingredients, not finished food products. Good for McCall Food Co. It appears the system worked this time!!
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    Re: Gone in a Generation

    "The Gulf of Maine is warming faster than 99% of the world's oceans...." Wow!! That's a dramatic statement. Sounds like the lobster market is in trouble, along with everything else I guess. ...
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