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  1. WHO's Covid Mission To China: What We Found Out About The Origins Of The Virus

    Dominic Dwyer
    February 22 2021

    As I write, I am in hotel quarantine in Sydney, after returning from Wuhan, China. There, I was the Australian representative on the international World Health...
  2. Re: Cheap Steroid Inhalers Suppress Severe Covid Symptoms, Study Finds

    I use Ellipta, which is not a steroid inhaler, and Serratide, which is. No inhalers are OTC in Australia.
  3. Asthmatics At No Higher Risk Of Getting Or Dying From Covid-19

    Taylor and Francis Group
    February 19 2021

    A new study looking at how COVID-19 affects people with asthma provides reassurance that having the condition doesn't increase the risk of severe...
  4. Low Blood Pressure: When Is It An Emergency?

    Jon Johnson
    February 18 2021

    In most cases, low blood pressure is not a cause for concern. However, in rare instances, it can lead to shock, in which case it may require emergency medical...
  5. Probiotics For Weight Loss: What Is The Evidence?

    Jillian Kuala
    February 19 2021

    Anecdotally, some probiotics — usually beneficial bacteria — may aid weight loss, but what does the science say? In this Honest Nutrition feature, we ...
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    14 Best Natural Remedies For The 'Flu

    Karen Cumberledge
    February 19 2021

    Flu season comes around every year, bringing misery with it. Symptoms like fever, aches, chills, vomiting, and a sore throat can keep you laid up for days....
  7. Gut Microbiome Implicated In Healthy Aging And Longevity

    February 18 2021

    The gut microbiome is an integral component of the body, but its importance in the human aging process is unclear. ISB researchers and their collaborators have...
  8. Essential Oils For Eczema: Effectiveness, Side Effects And More

    Zia Sherrell
    February 17 2021

    There is a lack of scientific evidence supporting the use of essential oils to treat eczema. However, some essential oils may have anti-inflammatory or...
  9. Appetite Linked To Healthier Gut Bacteria In Over 60's

    King's College London
    February 16 2021

    Over-60s with a good appetite have more diverse and different communities of microbes in their gut than those with a poor appetite, a study has found....
  10. Why The Cleveland Clinic Trial On Vitamin C And Zinc Failed

    Anh International
    February 17 2021

    You may have heard the news that a small trial carried out at the Cleveland Clinic in the US showed that vitamin C and zinc are useless against covid-19.
  11. How A Seaweed Supplement Can Eliminate Most Emissions From Cows And Sheep

    Renew Economy
    February 15 2021

    An Australian company will fast-track the commercialisation of a locally discovered seaweed supplement that could be the key to almost entirely solving the...
  12. Re: Government Consigned Israeli Population to be Human Subjects in a Massive Experim

    I read about this yesterday or today, but now I can't find it! This what happens when a vaccine is rushed, with not enough time to wait and see what the after effects may be.

    The article was from...
  13. Cheap Steroid Inhalers Suppress Severe Covid Symptoms, Study Finds

    Stuart Layt
    February 10 2021

    Researchers say their clinical trial using a cheap asthma inhaler to prevent COVID-19 patients developing severe symptoms has produced “incredible” results.
  14. Can Increasing Vitamin C Intake Help Stop Bleeding Gums?

    Kimberley Drake
    February 4 2021

    A new study indicates that low levels of vitamin C in the bloodstream may be an underlying cause of bleeding gums. Researchers say brushing and flossing might...
  15. Re: Green Tea Compound Aids P53: 'Guardian Of The Genome' And Tumor Suppressor

    I've tried several times, but I really don't enjoy green tea. For a while I was taking EGCG tablets - maybe I should go back to them.
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    My Expulsion From Medical Practice

    Dr Albert Louis
    February 14 2021

    Censorship and economic ruin threaten dissenting physicians

    It's a very bizarre state of affairs when, as a doctor for over 30 years, I suddenly find ...
  17. Green Tea Compound Aids P53: 'Guardian Of The Genome' And Tumor Suppressor

    InstituteRensselaer Polytechnic
    February 12 2021

    An antioxidant found in green tea may increase levels of p53, a natural anti-cancer protein, known as the "guardian of the genome" for its...
  18. Is Grass Fed Beef Good For Your Health And The Planet?

    Ocean Robbins
    January 22

    Cattle (like sheep, deer, and other grazing animals) are endowed with the ability to convert grasses, which we humans cannot digest, into flesh that we are able to...
  19. Winter Covid-19: Climate Less Important Than Control Measures

    Timothy Huzar
    February 12 2021

    Many viruses are more active during winter.

    COVID-19 rates have spiked in the winter months in the Northern Hemisphere and in summer months in the...
  20. Vitamin D Supplementation: Posssibe Gain In Life Years Combined With Cost Savings

    German Cancer Research Center (Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum, DKFZ)
    February 10 2021

    In recent years, three meta-analyses of clinical studies have come to the conclusion that...
  21. Mediterranean-Style Diet Linked To Better Thinking Skills In Later Life

    University of Edinburgh
    February 10 2021

    People who eat a Mediterranean-style diet -- particularly one rich in green leafy vegetables and low in meat -- are more likely to stay mentally sharp...
  22. Does Drinking Olive Oil Have Any Benefits?

    Ashley Sobel
    June 21 2019

    Olive oil is widely recognized for its health benefits.
    It boasts anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and may even help protect against certain chronic...
  23. Is Peanut Butter Healthful Or Unhealthful?

    Anna Smith
    February 4 2021

    Peanut butter is a popular spread that people use in many meals and snacks. It contains no cholesterol and is a nutritious option packed with protein and healthful...
  24. Climate Change May Have Driven The Emergence Of SARS-CoV2

    University Of Cambridge
    February 5 2021

    Global greenhouse gas emissions over the last century have made southern China a hotspot for bat-borne coronaviruses, by driving growth of forest...
  25. Oats Nutrition, Benefits, Downsides And Uses

    Ocean Robbins
    January 20 2021

    Most of us know oats best in the form of oatmeal. But this isn’t the only way to consume these nutrient-packed whole grains. So what are the health benefits of...
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