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    Re: Showering daily — is it necessary?

    For me it is sort of personal. In the tropics in the summertime, I really can't stand myself if I don't at least rinse off daily. I always was taught to use soap only on "pits, parts, and feet",...
  2. Re: Which Is Better: Coconut Oil Or Olive Oil For Heart Health? Evoo Wins

    For me this is an easy decision; coconut oil for cooking, olive oil for salads and raw foods. Simple!
  3. Re: Fund Local Meat Processing, Not Big Meat Bailouts!

    And here on the island, our abattoir has been broken down for so long that it has been many months since I have eaten any beef. I refuse to eat feedlot beef imported from the States. Recently our...
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    Re: Unmasking Mask Science

    Where I live (Saint Croix) the wearing of masks or other face covering is mandatory, and it is enforced. The government has printed and issued signs which are posted in every store and office to the...
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    Re: Say No To A Forced Coronavirus Vaccine

    Did that!
  6. Re: There's Only One Way To Contract Covid-19 When Grocery Shopping

    This is wild! Here the use of plastic shopping bags is illegal. So one must bring one's own bag from home. Most people just carry several shopping bags in their vehicle, just like keeping several...
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    Re: 6 Incredible Teas That Lower Inflammation

    The corollary would be that whenever one is feeling a bit puny, as though coming down with a cold or something, the first two things that should be done are to stop all sugar intake and to increase...
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    Re: 6 Incredible Teas That Lower Inflammation

    I remember reading the transcript of an interview with Dr Pauling in which he said that he personally took 18 g of sodium ascorbate daily. Perhaps if one gradually works up to such a dosage, no ill...
  9. Re: Americans' plastic recycling is dumped in landfills, investigation shows

    grulla, yes exactly. That is the sort of thing being proposed.
  10. Re: Americans' plastic recycling is dumped in landfills, investigation shows

    A friend of mine is heavily invested in his idea for recycling the carbon from plastics to produce electricity directly, rather that burning the stuff for fuel, as in a fluidized bed combuster. My...
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    Re: Why we might not get a coronavirus vaccine

    We should remember that most of the anti-vaxxers actually are former vaxxers who have learned the hard way, having disabled or dead loved ones, or are disabled themselves.
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    Re: Why we might not get a coronavirus vaccine

    Any vaccine which is administered annually or monthly will have the "side effects" of said vaccine, some of them disabling or deadly, multiplied accordingly. the thought of vaccinated people...
  13. Re: Dairy Rich Diet Linked To Lower Risks Of Diabetes And High Blood Pressure

    As to ancestry as it pertains to dairy product consumption, I refer to the Weston Price study of the people of the Isle of Lewis and what they ate in former times. My people were from one island...
  14. Re: Chidren Are Falling Ill with Baffling Ailment Related To Covid-19

    Thanks Stoneharbor. These articles are terrifically explanatory.
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    Re: How To Say No If Vaccines Become Mandatory

    As mentioned previously, these ideas are all fine and well for those who are independently wealthy. For those of us who depend upon having a job, or having Social Security or other sorts of...
  16. Re: Prevalence of SARS-CoV-2 Infection in Residents of a Large Homeless Shelter in Bo

    Does this information not lead to an understanding that the search for a Covid vaccine necessarily is a fruitless search? If natural antibodies fail to convey immunity to future viral infection, how...
  17. Re: Link identified between dietary selenium and outcome of Covid-19 disease

    Islander, although I am not the person in question, I do choose to take individual supplements, rather than a multi vitamin. Every time I learn more information, it seems that there just never will...
  18. Re: Corona Virus - Working From Home - Rethink City Planning

    And yet, the ordinary working people are being driven back to the "old normal" working situation, even though the workplace has turned lethal, just because the profit taking class has begun to feel...
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    Re: Potential Treatment For Chronic Pain

    Unfortunately for me, although I have been taking the same combination herbal supplement that Mr Wizard takes (I think it is the same), it has been effective on other aches and pains, but not at all...
  20. Re: Reknowned Chinese Scientist Dubbed 'Bat Woman' Warned Of Potential Covid-19 Epide

    Now that you mention it, I have seen few bats around here recently compared with several years ago, when we had big groups of bats every evening. Too bad.
  21. Re: World Health Organization declares Sweden the model for the world

    Here on our islands, tomorrow is the day the rubber will begin meeting the road. Masks are required in all stores and public spaces. Most businesses and offices will be open again. Restaurants and...
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    Sticky: Re: Vetting publshed articles

    Terrific, Islander! Thanks.
  23. Re: He signed up for a coronavirus vaccine trial using a method never used in humans.

    This was a pretty good article, but the conclusion was just more of the Charlie Brown trying to kick the football. Yes, we did kill and disable plenty plenty people back in the 1970s and in other...
  24. Re: Covid-19 Vaccine To Take 5.2 Years To Develop, With 5% Chance Of Success

    Yes, you did read that Islander. Any of these injections and vaccinations which are being pushed so hard and heavy at us will weaken the immune system. This basically is why so many people, not...
  25. Re: Covid-19 Vaccine To Take 5.2 Years To Develop, With 5% Chance Of Success

    The key to making something mandatory without actually mandating that thing is to have something to withhold. For example, it is not mandatory for kids to get vaccinated, but if they want to attend...
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