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  1. Re: The medications that change who we are

    NAC (N-Acetyl cysteine) is also protective of the liver (and kidneys). Anyone who needs to take regular paracetamol should also be taking NAC.
  2. Ginger Improves Symptoms Of Ulcerative Colitis

    December 18 2019

    Bowel and digestive problems like ulcerative colitis can be among the most discomforting and disruptive affronts to a person's lifestyle and overall well-being....
  3. Study Shows How Sewage Plants Can Remove Pharmaceuticals From Wastewater

    James Ives
    January 9 2020

    A study of seven wastewater treatment plants in the Eastern United States reveals a mixed record when it comes to removing medicines such as antibiotics and...
  4. Mediterranian Diet Revealed As Best For Third Year Running

    Lauren Williamson
    January 6 2020

    The Mediterranean diet has officially pulled off a hat trick, being labelled the best diet by a panel of nutrition experts for the third year running.
    The US...
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    Should We All Be Eating More Protein?

    Robby Derma
    December 29 2019

    A recent review and meta-analysis investigating protein intake conclude that consuming the recommended daily allowance is fine for most people, most of the time....
  6. Re: Mighty Broccoli Sprouts Rapidly Detox Pollutants

    Thanks Mr Wiz, I thought it was only raw broccoli that caused problems. I grow kale, broccoli and rocket (forgotten what you call it!) for seed for sprouting. I probably don't eat many, as I...
  7. Palau Bans Toxic Sunscreen In World First

    Erin Handley
    No date

    In a world first, the Pacific nation of Palau has banned sunscreen containing chemicals that are "incredibly toxic" to its coral reefs.

    Key points:

    The ban...
  8. Mighty Broccoli Sprouts Rapidly Detox Pollutants

    GreenMedInfo Research Group
    November 6 2019

    Air pollution is associated with a long list of health problems including cardio-respiratory deaths, pulmonary disease, and chronic respiratory...
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    New Hope For Alzheimer's

    December 10 2019

    Emerging research underscores the critical need to protect compounded bioidentical hormones. Action Alert!
    Almost six million Americans suffer from Alzheimer’s disease,...
  10. Researchers Hope Dementia Vaccine Will BeThe Breakthrough Of Next Decade

    Meagan Dillon
    No date

    A dementia vaccine — which is the brainchild of a South Australian academic — is on the cusp of starting human trials, with researchers hopeful it will be the...
  11. Gardasil Vaccine Censorship - Published Research Is Withdrawn

    Gayle DeLong,
    January 1 2020

    HPV Article Withdrawn Without Detailed Explanation by Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health

    About the sudden withdrawal of my paper, “A lowered...
  12. Study: Those With Higher LDL Cholesterol Levels Live Longest

    Dr Malcolm Kendrick
    December 30 2019

    Question: If a tree falls in the forest, and there’s nobody around to hear, does it make a sound?
    This is a philosophical question that has been around for...
  13. Phillippines Approves Genetically Modified Rice That Farmers Don't Want

    Brian Shilhavy
    December 30 2019

    Earlier this month (December 2019) the International Rice Research Institute in the Philippines announced that they had approved the genetically modified “Golden...
  14. Washington Post Attacks Barbara Loe Fisher and Dr. Joseph Mercola

    Vera Sharav
    December 39 2019

    The inconvenient evidence that won’t go away…
    According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC):

    During the 10-year period, 2004 -2015, there were ZERO...
  15. Intermittent Fasting Can Help Ease Metabolic Syndrome

    Lisa Templeton
    December 28 2019

    For those with metabolic syndrome, the necessary lifestyle and weight changes can be challenging. Now, a study has shown that eating within a certain time window...
  16. The Five Most Science-Backed Nootropics For Energy

    David Ronnlid
    Dec 26, 2019

    Citicoline, Rhodiola Rosea, Caffeine, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, and Curcumin

    Optimal energy undergirds motivation, and and allows one to carry out...
  17. Japan Wants To Dump Nuclear Plant's Tainted Water. Fishermen Fear The Worst

    Motoko Rich and Makiko Inoue
    December 23 2019

    The water from the Fukushima disaster is more radioactive than the authorities have previously publicized, raising doubts about government...
  18. Re: A hard-boiled egg recall expands to products sold at Walmart and Trader Joe's

    I agree - never seen cooked eggs here. I have though seen frozen cooked rice, and frozen bubble and squeak. If you're not familiar with it, it's a breakfast fry up of leftover cooked veggies. I...
  19. Re: Mass Sterilization of Millions of African Girls through Tetanus Vaccine Scandal

    How the hell did that happen? Why was tetanus anywhere near hCG in the lab/factory?
  20. Re: Australia bracing for its highest recorded temperature ever

    I have been away for a few days, just catching up on HH and emails now. The high temperatures started in WA, my state, and travelled across to the east, where the fires are. So we had several days in...
  21. Zero Deaths From Vitamins 36th Annual Report From AAPCC

    Andrew W. Saul, Editor
    December 20 2019

    Supplement Safety Confirmed by America’s Largest Database

    (OMNS December 16, 2019) The 36th annual report from the...
  22. Re: Fukushima Unit 3 Spent Fuel Damage Identified

    An Australian politician is pushing for nuclear power to combat climate change. I don't think the idea will get far - but I'm amazed that anyone in their right mind would even suggest it.
  23. Re: FTC Charges Prevagen with Deceptive Memory, Cognitive Improvement Claims

    Congratulations Maurya! I know I couldn't do it. Must get back to the Gingko if it really does work.
  24. Refined Carbs May Trigger Insomnia, Study Finds

    Columbia UniversityIrving Medical Center
    December 11 2019

    An estimated 30% of adults experience insomnia, and a new study by researchers at Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and...
  25. How Much Omega-3 Should You Get Each Day?

    Vincent J Tavella
    January 22 2019

    A person's daily omega-3 needs vary depending on their age, sex, and various health factors.
    People give omega-3 fatty acids a lot of attention due to their...
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