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  1. S Dakota 1st State to Propose Bill Outlawing Mandatory Vaccines for School Attendance

    Health Impact News
    February 23, 2020

    While most state legislatures are bowing to the Big Pharma lobby and proposing bills to remove exemptions to childhood vaccines and make them mandatory as a...
  2. Re: Boosting Mitochondrial Biogenesis With Ginger

    I've been using ginger root in stirfries for at least 20 years, but kept it in the freezer because I wasn't using it fast enough to prevent spoilage. It was roughly 15 years ago that my Filipina...
  3. Boosting Mitochondrial Biogenesis With Ginger

    GreenMedInfo Research Group
    January 18th 2020

    Researchers discover that ginger, an ancient herbal remedy used for cooking and medicinal purposes, supports the regeneration of cellular...
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    Re: Milk: Is It As Healthful As We Think?

    Grulla, the focus of the first article is on supplements, which the medical community agreed at least a dozen years ago is not necessary, in fact is contraindicated, reversing previous health advice....
  5. Re: People Who Eat A Big Breakfast Burn Twice As Many Calories

    Diet-induced thermogenesis makes logical sense, and clearly it works for some, like Grulla. However, I continue to resist the notion that one size fits all. I have no appetite for breakfast and will...
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    Re: Milk: Is It As Healthful As We Think?

    I never liked fluid milk, even as a child, so I felt vindicated when, as an adult, I became aware of the attitude that milk is designed for infants — in all mammalian species, including ours. I'll...
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    Re: Is Dementia Hereditary?

    Will you share this with your son, Julieanne?
  8. Re: Let’s All Stop Holding Out for Science to Find the Perfect Diet

    Lol! I used to post that url on every time someone praised the "blood type" diet!
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    Re: The Clock Is Ticking For Homeopathy

  10. Re: The Failure Of The Influenza Vaccine According To The Medical Literature

    It's sad but true: probably 75% of the public believe that their doctor sits at the right hand of God and has all the answers, all the cures. And they dismiss, if they hear about it at all, the fact...
  11. Re: Let’s All Stop Holding Out for Science to Find the Perfect Diet

    And of course there is no scientific basis for any of those assertions. Yes, people claim success with every one of them, and here's why: they all begin by instructing you to eliminate processed...
  12. Re: Glucosamine For Arthritiis - New Advice to Stop?

    Perhaps. Perhaps.
    I've always taken a few basic supplements for "insurance," plus vitamin D & MK-7 for immune support in winter. Now I have to take the macular degeneration formula twice daily as...
  13. Re: NYC Bicyclists Are Killing Pedestrians! This Is Why The City Won’t Stop It

    The digital weekly must be hard up for news if this is the best they can provide. I also suspect that English is not Mr. Gupta's first language. Or that they can't afford to keep a proofreader on...
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    Re: What Are The Benefits Of Oregano Oil?

    Can someone give me the dilution ratio of oregano oil to carrier oil?
  15. US ranks lower than 38 other countries in children's wellbeing, new report says

    Jacqueline Howard
    February 18, 2020

    The United States ranks lower than 38 other countries on measurements of children's survival, health, education and nutrition -- and every country in the...
  16. Re: Mediterranian Diet Promotes Gut Bacteria Linked To 'Healthy Aging' In Older Peopl

    It's that "uncommon" common sense: fresh fruits and vegetables, weekly fish, non-GMO pasta, healthy herbs and a glass of wine. Low-income people in assisted living facilities are fed crap and parked...
  17. Re: Glucosamine For Arthritiis - New Advice to Stop?

    I remember Sulfur Dude on mercola years ago, constantly promoting his product. I never understood why mercola tolerated his sales pitches for so long, but eventually he did get dropped. I always...
  18. Re: 5 Proven Ways To Reduce Wrinkles Naturally

    I don't see that here in my corner of rural America (of course it helps not to have a television and constant commercials). I know that girls start getting the beauty connection when they enter their...
  19. Re: Glucosamine For Arthritiis - New Advice to Stop?

    What form does it come in, that you should taste it? Is it a tablet, a capsule, a liquid, something chewy?
  20. Let’s All Stop Holding Out for Science to Find the Perfect Diet

    Shannon Palus
    June 18, 2019

    Nutrition science’s next project is personalized diets based on genetics. It sounds good, and sure, it might work, but don’t hold your breath.
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    Re: 8 Foods That Contain MSG

    There's no need to publish a list. Just avoid processed foods. It's that simple.
  22. Re: 5 Proven Ways To Reduce Wrinkles Naturally

    I have fewer wrinkles than other women my age. That might have something to do with the healthy organic diet I adhere to, high in greens and yellow/orange vegetables. But I'm not concerned about it....
  23. Re: Prebiotics May Limit Cancer Growth By Enhancing Immunity

    Prebiotics are not supplements you take, but foods you consume that contain specific ingredients. I googled the top 19 foods and found that roughly half of them are foods that many of us eat daily or...
  24. Re: 10 things you should know about common pain relievers

    Knowing what OTC pain relievers do for me, or do to me, I've renounced them altogether. In their place, I've had to take back my claim that I am on no prescription drugs. I broke down and took the...
  25. Re: Coconut Oil Improves Brain Function In Alzheimer's Patients

    Mine is always solid, and I prefer it that way. If I want liquid oils, I have a number on hand to choose from.
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