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  1. Re: FDA Almost Admits It Fraudulently Approved Osteoporosis Drugs

    It's worse than that Islander - the half life of bisphosphonates is 20 years.
  2. Re: Higher Levels of Omega-3 Fatty Acid May Protect Against Stroke

    Kind of weird - because one of the purported "protective" effects of omega3 is reducing stickiness of red blood cells - so you'd expect possible increase in haemorrhagic stroke - again, back to the...
  3. Re: Fish oil protects against cellular aging: study

    I'm afarid thanks to Dr Ray Peat my "jury" is still out on omega 3 supplementation. Too many variables I guess - a) if you don't eat lots of omega 6's do we need omega 3? b) were the studies...
  4. Re: Common Kitchen Ingredients Keep Flu At Bay

    I found ginger tea brilliant for morning sickness.
  5. Re: Air Canada Ordered To Provide Nut-Free Zone

    Didn't Air NZ stop serving nuts a while back???
  6. Re: Grapefruit Juice May Increase CoQ10 Absorption

    You are correct Mellowsong. Specifically grapefruit inhibits the CYP450 3A4,5,7 - drugs inhibited include:
    Macrolide antibiotics:
    erythromycin2 (not 3A5)
    NOT azithromycin...
  7. Re: Superfruit With Three Times Orange's Vitamin C Hits UK Markets

    Yeeees, and while that dratted PPARGammagirl is asleep it's MY turn to channel.

    How DARE any of you disagree with me??? Don't you know my Master Herbalist is the king of the universe and NEVER...
  8. Re: Superfruit With Three Times Orange's Vitamin C Hits UK Markets

    Yes you horrible lot - Russ Bewanchi here channeling through PPARGammagirl. You all conspired against me to bring me down.
    I DO NOT make high fructose corn syrup - it's hugh frictose carn syrip -...
  9. Re: Common Kitchen Ingredients Keep Flu At Bay

    I don't think asafetida powder smells nasty when raw - but it does smell divine when added to hot oil. Unfortunately it is actually a wood resin and it doesn't suit my tummy but it is a delicious yet...
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    Re: No Deaths From Supplements

    Look - we all know that these compounds are actually quite deadly. The fact that nobody has "supposedly" died from taking them is purely anecdotal - there have been no long-term randomised,...
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    Re: Nutritional Research Censored

    The Orthomolecular Journal hasn't got a chance of getting indexed by Pubmed now - it looks likely that they are either going to axe Medical Hypothesis or biff it out of Pubmed indexing.
  12. Re: Ontario reconsiders funding of popular vitamin D tests

    Sorry guys - the vitamin D thing with blood levels just isn't that simple. I've been following this blog for a few years now and this guy really does know his onions....
  13. Re: High-Dose Vitamin C Therapy Proven Effective

    My reading on vitamin C – especially with the “vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin (said with a nasal sneery voice) that produces only expensive wee” argument ignores the fact that D-ascorbate is a...
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    Re: McDonald's 4 Year Old Cheeseburger

    Somebody here had a McDonalds hamburger in the fridge for about 9 years and it looked no different. I couldn't find it online but did find this:...
  15. Re: NYC asks food manufacturers to cut salt content

    Exactly Maurya – in the same way stearic and palmitic (saturated) fatty acids slightly raised LDL cholesterol and this was extrapolated to “OH MY GOD SPIT THAT BUTTER OUT OR YOU’LL HAVE AN INSTANT...
  16. Re: Report calls for research on nanoparticles in food

    I have a large stockpile of dicyandiamide you might be interested in;) Might even build one of those bridges with it.
  17. Re: China to Look Into Cadmium In Kid's Jewelry

    I just did some stuff on Cadmium as a side issue to something else I was researching - and cadmium is far, far worse than lead! In particular it blocks zinc and selenium - so blood levels may be...
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    Re: QRA Testing

    Thx Samurai - good to be back. I've read a lot over the years about energy medicine - especially Dr Gerber's "Vibrational Medicine" and Dr Robert O Becker's "The Body Electric". The things I have a...
  19. Re: How TO Destroy Confidence In Vitamins When You Don't Have The Facts

    I bet if Starfield did her study again now - nearly 10 years on, she might find that 100,000 figure is much, much larger.
  20. Re: Report calls for research on nanoparticles in food

    "Better", "tastier", "healthier"!!!!
    Oh yah, I have a bridge in Brooklyn you may be interested in.
  21. Re: NYC asks food manufacturers to cut salt content

    As has already been noted by others the type of salt is more the problem. There is also the rather large elephantine issue that salt generally has not been proven to be harmful in the majority of...
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    Re: Calcium Has A Role in Taste Perception

    Ahem, back to the calcium channel stuff; very interesting but since reading Gilbert Ling's stuff on cell physiology recently I have to take a raincheck on the whole "channel-pump-membrane" thing...
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    Re: QRA Testing

    It looks to be a cross between kinesiology and EAV. While there is very strong evidence for the theory of these diagnostic and treatment methods (the body electric) there is a also a danger that...
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    Re: Swine flu vaccine to be sold off

    "We're in the 21st century and people do not need to die from vaccine preventable illnesses."
    No - we'd far rather they died from vaccine-induced injuries.
    And, ahem, if the "omigod we gonna die...
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    Re: When farm sprays go astray

    The pyrethroids are particularly deadly to cats - the natural pyrethrum is actually more toxic than the synthetic stuff.
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