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  1. Re: Everything depends on the corn: As crops wither, the Hopi fear for their way of l

    Periodic droughts have been postulated as one explanation for the relative suddenness with which some ancient pre-Columbian settlements have been abandoned, like the Mayans in Yucatan.
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    Re: Aging treatment

    Hey, thank you for finding that supportive article! No surprise there at all. I consider vitamin D and vitamin C to be top shelf, five star, blue ribbon supplements. It's virtually impossible to...
  3. Re: Oatmeal Is Still the World’s Best Performance Breakfast

    Since not everyone has Grulla's time and patience, I'm going to append my method for preparing rolled oats (I don't have the patience for groats). Everything's organic, naturally.

    Bring 1/3 C....
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    Re: Aging treatment

    @paulsteven, per your request: GUIDELINES FOR VITAMIN D SUPPLEMENTATION

    1. Most Americans are deficient in vitamin D. You cannot get enough merely from sunshine in at least half of these United...
  5. Oatmeal Is Still the World’s Best Performance Breakfast

    Wes Judd
    Nov. 27, 2020Sure, it’s old fashioned. But it’s also nutritional rocket fuel, and athletes are making it taste great. Here’s how.

    In a world of green juice and chia seed pudding, this...
  6. Re: How much does hyperbaric oxygen therapy cost?

    @Drover: "Error 404 - Page not found.
    Further, this sounds to me like potential spam. If you are recommending a particular brand, doctor, or clinic, you are spamming us and your account here will be...
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    Re: Aging treatment

    Good question, paulsteven. The short answer is Yes. The reason: unless you are growing your own fruits and vegetables in rich, composted soil, you will not be getting full value for your expense. ...
  8. Do Americans Understand How Bad Covid in America Really Is?

    Umair Haque
    Nov. 19, 2020

    Americans Don’t Seem to Grasp How Catastrophically the US Has Failed On Covid

    America just passed a grim, shocking milestone. A quarter of a million people are now...
  9. FDA authorizes emergency use of the antibody cocktail given to Trump to treat Covid-

    Arman Azad and Alaa Elassar
    November 21, 2020

    The US Food and Drug Administration on Saturday issued an emergency use authorization for Regeneron's antibody cocktail to treat Covid-19 in...
  10. Re: The bee population is dying. Researchers created first global map to save them

    We all know that bees are responsible for pollinating the vast majority of our fruits and vegetables. I have read that when the day comes that bees are extinct, humans will have four years left.
  11. The bee population is dying. Researchers created first global map to save them

    Kelsie Smith, CNN
    November 20, 2020

    Researchers have taken an important first step toward bee conservation by creating the first modern map of bee species represented globally.
    More than...
  12. Re: Thousands join Taiwan protest, anger focused on U.S. pork

    This is the main reason why I've had a successful organic and pastured pork business for the last 15 years. I personally know one friend who suffered the same reaction as a young man who withdrew...
  13. Re: NHS To Trial Blood Test To Detect More Than 50 Forms Of Cancer

    Sounds like very early stages since "...the one available published paper on the tests found they detected just 25% of early-stage cancers and fewer than half of late-stage cases of the disease." I...
  14. Re: Sesame May Finally Get Official Recognition As One of Our Most Common Allergens

    The article doesn't specify whether people of Jewish ethnicity have the highest incidence of allergies, but I have read that among Israeli children, sesame allergy is to them what peanut allergy is...
  15. Re: Returning the ‘Three Sisters’ – Corn, Beans and Squash

    Indigenous peoples have much to teach us, including forest control to prevent wildfires which we are just now beginning to respect. However, planting the three sisters takes a bit of planning. The...
  16. Re: Glyphosate May Affect Human Gut Microbiota

    I don't think a new category is necessary, and here's why: every reference I just ran through has linked our microbiota to very specific conditions, and consequently the posts have been placed in...
  17. Re: Meat-Free Diets Linked To Greater Risk Of Breaking Bones

    Insufficient calcium doesn't persuade me, since calcium is so readily available, at least in the US diet. Of course, if vegetarians refused dairy products because of their bovine origin, perhaps I'm...
  18. Re: Covid Patients Don't Believe The Virus Is Real

    Well said, Havanana! I've asked the other relative newcomers here and now I'll ask you: try downloading an avatar. I'll post instructions if you can't find them in the FAQs.
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    Re: How things are going in your area?

    @Havanana, I am so sorry to learn that you're in a state managed by an incompetent governor who is making no effort whatever to slow the rise of coronavirus. Do please continue to be careful and stay...
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    Re: How do birds mate? Is it in the air?

    Agreed. Scilover, please make an effort to follow the protocol here. You are a valued contributor but you've been here for a while and it's time you learned what everyone else has learned how to do.
  21. Re: Study Finds Fish Oil May Not Help Your Heart

    This article appears to be all about supplements. How about making an effort to include fatty fish consumption in your diet on a regular basis? At 99¢ for a serving size can, available in a variety...
  22. Re: Obesity And Vitamin D Deficiency - Greater Risk For Breast Cancer

    Men seem not to be so weight conscious, possibly because women are inclined to overlook obesity in favor of status and net worth. Women, on the other hand, realize that the first thing any man...
  23. Most Promising Alzheimer’s Drug in Years Took a Thrashing From FDA Advisory Committee

    Alice Park
    November 10, 2020

  24. Re: Obesity And Vitamin D Deficiency - Greater Risk For Breast Cancer

    If you were to watch a few films from the 40s and the 50s, you would see very few obese people and even fewer obese women. The same is true of television in the 50s and even the 60s. People back then...
  25. Re: Here's How To Think About The Danish Mask Study

    In other words, the study was inconclusive. The numbers emerging from US cities who do/do not mandate masks seem to show clear evidence that masks cut virus transmission by a significant margin… But...
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