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Thread: Are Omega-3 fish Oil Supplements A Safer Alternative?

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    Default Are Omega-3 fish Oil Supplements A Safer Alternative?

    Laura Michelle Burns
    June 15 2012

    Sometimes when I start to do research on a specific health and safety issue, I feel overwhelmed: toxins from air pollution settle into our water and contaminate our fish with mercury… asthma is on the rise… the elderly are seeing a greater battle with Alzheimer’s Disease. I find myself wishing for simpler times when we could eat a fish sandwich after a summer day on Lake Erie with nary a thought to the contaminants in our bodies. However, we live in a time when being careful is not just wise, but necessary.

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    Default Re: Are Omega-3 fish Oil Supplements A Safer Alternative?

    Great resource. I do want to make a comment but I no longer have the sources to back this up as it was years ago. Anyway, I had a list of fish oils (and other supplements) which had been independently tested for contaminants and for strength. A few brands I see on there as "best choice" I definitely remember were on that list as I was buying them at the time. Brands I know that don't live up to label claims on strength, even if pure (in other words you are getting much less than label states you are) are:
    Nature's Bounty
    Kirkland (Costco's brand)
    Spring Valley

    As a rule, avoid the supplements you find in grocery stores, chain stores and pharmacies (as all of the above brands are) because they frequently don't have much active ingredient or the active ingredient is bound up in fillers and/or there's lots of unnecessary and often toxic additives.

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