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Dr. Peter Osborne
June 20, 2012

It is a common thought that osteoporosis associated with celiac disease is a result of malabsorption of vitamins and minerals (mainly vitamin D and calcium). The above report links an autoimmune process of bone loss to gluten sensitivity separate and distinct from gluten induced malabsorption. This finding begs us to ask the questions – Is Osteoporosis an autoimmune process? Should all patients with bone loss be assessed for gluten sensitivity?

If osteoporosis has an autoimmune component, then we have to go back and look at gluten as a potential cause as it is the only known cause for any of the autoimmune diseases. That means that everyone with osteoporosis should potentially be screened for gluten sensitivity. Additionally, we have to consider the possibility that osteoporosis is another manifestation of the “gluten syndrome” AKA – non-celiac gluten sensitivity.

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