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Thread: The Co-option of Probiotics Has Begun

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    Default The Co-option of Probiotics Has Begun

    Jon Barron

    Beneficial bacteria are in the news with new probiotic research now promoting their benefits. It appears the medical community has decided to "step in" and take over this core natural medicine concept and make it their own. And not surprisingly, not one article about these new studies makes mention of the fact that 90% of their conclusions about the benefits of probiotics has been known and incorporated into natural healing programs for many years. Probiotics are now being co-opted.

    One of my pet peeves is how the mainstream medical community -- and thus the media -- trashes a particular alternative health concept for years until it finally "discovers" that same concept and claims it as their own. The examples are endless, but several certainly stand out.

    • Diverticular disease
    • Fiber
    • Cigarette smoking as deadly
    • Trans fatty acids
    • High sugar intake

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    Default Re: The Co-option of Probiotics Has Begun

    The medical community is jumping on the bandwagon already created by the yogurt manufacturers years ago. In fact, one of the commercial yogurt companies was sued for the over-hype of probiotics in their yogurt products. With the plethora of food and beverage companies pushing probiotics in everything from chocolate to smoothies and granola bars, I wish the medical community good luck with this one.

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    Default Re: The Co-option of Probiotics Has Begun

    It takes much of my self control to keep my mouth shut when I see people eating said yogurt which is loaded with sweeteners and who knows what else, thinking they are eating a "healthy" diet.

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