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Thread: Herd Immunity: Flawed Science and Mass Vaccination Failures

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    Default Herd Immunity: Flawed Science and Mass Vaccination Failures

    Monday, July 16th
    by Suzanne Humphries, MD

    The hype about herd immunity unfortunately creates a wall of hostility between those who vaccinate and those who delay some vaccines, avoid certain vaccines, or quit vaccinating altogether.
    Since the beginning of vaccination, there is little proof that vaccines are responsible for eradicating disease even when herd immunity vaccination levels have been reached. Yet celebrity doctors rattle on about your unvaccinated neighbor being the biggest threat to your child – as if vaccination was the only way to avoid an illness or stay healthy.

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    Default Re: Herd Immunity: Flawed Science and Mass Vaccination Failures

    Excellent article — thank you Aaltrude for posting it!
    This is one of the most thorough, well-documented articles I have read on mass vaccination failures.
    Dr. Humprhies well-documented, logical thorough analysis is a chilling tale of profit-driven government sanctioned vaccinations that ignore the health and well-being of the population.

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    Default Re: Herd Immunity: Flawed Science and Mass Vaccination Failures

    I have no references, but have read that in pets, vaccinated animals have been responsible for spreading rabies. Don't know if it is true. It was being mentioned in the context of dogs being denied entrance to dog shows, doggy day care, etc if owners could not show proof of vacc.

    I'm on the fence about vacc myself. In theory vaccinations should be a workable and good thing, but in practice the way it is done, and the way the vaccines are made.......not so much. The sheer number of vaccinations given to infants in their first year is simply unbelievable and unconscionable. After my female kitten got sick and developed lumps from her 6 month vaccs which the humane society insisted on, I stopped all vaccinations for them. Worst was that the vaccinations had been given too high up for a leg to be amputated had she developed "vaccine cancer". One vet threatened that if my cats were ever picked up, without proof of current vacc they would be euthanized. They are indoor cats, thankfully.

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