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Bringing the impacts of climate change home to you and your family

Climate change has significant implications for our health. Rising temperatures will likely lead to more frequent and severe heat waves, heavier rainstorms and flooding, and increased air pollution. All of these changes could pose serious, and costly, risks to public health.

The Climate Change and Your Health initiative is a UCS effort designed to highlight some of the major health risks associated with climate change in the United States and attempt to quantify their impacts. We also include information to help your family, your community, and our country prepare for—and try to mitigate—the growing health risks of a warming world.
Our Research Series: Climate Change and Your Health

This ongoing series of reports documents how climate change is already affecting our health, discusses potential future impacts, and outlines some concrete steps we can take to protect against the health risks of global warming. Each report features an analysis of a specific climate-related health risk.

Read past articles here: http://www.ucsusa.org/global_warming...ur-health.html