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Thread: Apple Cider Vinegar as Antihistamine

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    Default Apple Cider Vinegar as Antihistamine

    Yesterday, on Facebook, Jane posted about using ACV instead of antihistamines for allergies. Well, I started reacting to Claritin a few weeks ago, cannot take Zyrtec or Allegra and can't take the others and be functional in the daytime so, I've been going through ragweed season with nothing. Needless to day, my sinuses are not happy. This is one remedy I hadn't heard of so decided to try it. I found a site with actual directions on how to do it.
    1 Tbs ACV
    1 Tbs distilled water (I used water from my Berkey)
    Sweeten with honey if you can't take the shot without.
    Drink first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. I also found recommendations to repeat this if you are going to have a known exposure to pollen, food, pets etc.

    So, I figured it would be a few weeks to know if it helps but, I took first dose this morning and a little while ago, I realized my nose is running, not completely blocked up and I'm not rubbing my eyes constantly. Very very hopeful that this will work.

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    Default Re: Apple Cider Vinegar as Antihistamine

    I used ACV to break my sugar cravings and it worked. I was thinking of trying it again in case I have a yeast or fungus build up that is causing me this lingering post glutening fatigue. The only thing is I'm having such GI issues right now, I worry it may be too harsh.
    Keep us updated Mellow, my hub-type has allergy issues even more than I, and while I've heard of the ACV treatment before, it'd be great to have first hand feed back.

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