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Thread: Achieving Simple Weight Loss with Oregano Oil

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    Default Re: Achieving Simple Weight Loss with Oregano Oil

    Agree, ingredients could probably be mixed at home. Typically, product ingredients are listed on labels in order of predominance, with greatest amount first followed in descending order by those in smaller amounts. If true, then my formula lists the following ingredients in this order: ginger root, garlic bulb, horseradish root, habanero, liquid ionic zinc, and wild mountain oregano oil--all in a base of apple cider vingegar and d-limonene.

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    Default Re: Achieving Simple Weight Loss with Oregano Oil

    I have a bottle of oregano oil that I have never even opened Never had a need for it, so far. I know it's very powerful and needs to be diluted with a carrier oil. My bottle says two drops in olive oil but doesn't specify how much olive oil. Oh well, I guess I'll find out when the time comes.
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    Default Re: Achieving Simple Weight Loss with Oregano Oil

    I found the only time I used it that I couldn't take the strong taste - wish I had bought capsules. I did empty out a vitamin cap and it easily held two drops. I got rid of a cold in two days. I don't remember any recommendation for using with olive oil, which might soften the taste. Using as a steam inhalation nearly choked me!

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