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Thread: A Proteolytic Enzyme Formula

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    Default A Proteolytic Enzyme Formula

    Jon Barron

    In this alternative health newsletter I want to introduce you to a new concept in proteolytic enzymes. This represents a reformulation of my original concept for proteolytic enzymes by combining a unique pH buffering system with an upgrade in a key enzyme. The formula is so powerful, so unique, and so effective that it is now patent pending. For those of you who are familiar with proteolytic enzyme formulas, you can skip down to "Why pH matters to enzymes." For the rest of you, before I tell you about the innovations within this new proteolytic enzyme formula, let's review the basics on systemic, proteolytic enzyme formulas -- how they help with cellular metabolism, how they breakdown viruses, bacteria, and proteins, and much more.

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    Default Re: A Proteolytic Enzyme Formula

    Great article. I've been a big fan of enzymes for a long time. For years, I took proteolytic digestive enzymes, consisting of bromelain and papain. Within the the past couple of years, I've learned that the best enzymes for your body are contained in "raw, organic, unprocessed, fruits and vegetables. I have something raw, organic with every meal.

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