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Thread: Health Guarantees and the People Who Abuse Them

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    Default Health Guarantees and the People Who Abuse Them

    Jon Barron

    We live in a world of absolutes. Everyone wants their health advice in black and white. They want health guarantees. Tell me what herb cures cancer. Does Echinacea cure colds? What drug should I take if I have diabetes? And everyone from the media to natural health practitioners to the medical community is only too happy to comply. Ahh! If only things were that simple. If only our health options truly existed as clear cut choices that provided health guarantees. Unfortunately, in the real world they do not. Ultimately, health is a game of odds -- and the real world choices we face are anything but absolutes.

    As I said in the very first edition of Lessons from the Miracle Doctors, there are no health guarantees. Good health comes down to "playing the odds."

    Read more:
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    Default Re: Health Guarantees and the People Who Abuse Them

    I understand what he is saying in this article, but i don't like it.

    While i agree that alternative health people can't use bad studies/bad statistics and then berate conventional health people for using the same type of badly designed studies and misleading statistics, i think he is coming to a bad conclusion by choosing not to support 37.

    Prop 37 may have a lot of problems, but frankly, it is a start. Will it change the way most people eat? I've already stated i don't believe it will. It still needs to be done.

    Here in California we tried for 20+ years to get a state-wide licensing/certification for massage therapists. Because many of the people didn't like the law written or felt it was incomplete or lacking, it took forever to get it passed. Municipalities were able to write their own laws and requirements, and it cost a great deal of money to work in more than one city. It was utterly ridiculous.

    We cannot wait 20+ years for a "perfect" law to make GMOs labeled! Frankly, i'm afraid that if it doesn't pass this go around, the chances of it happening become very slim. We've had a hard time to raise the money to fight big business as it is, i doubt so much would be put into another campaign - five or ten years from now. I just received another expensive ad against 37. Big business is scared of this proposition, and they are throwing a lot of money into the ring to fight it. We need to get this passed NOW. I don't care that the law isn't well written! It is a start. We've already had this in the food supply for something like 17 or 18 years!

    Why do i care so much if i feel it won't change the way the majority of people eat? Because it will raise awareness. If someone mentions to me that their kid has psoriasis and they can't seem to clear it, i will be able to ask, "Does your kid eat gluten? Do you feed them GMO products?" and perhaps the mama will be more likely to look. Even if people don't stop eating the crap, they will be aware that they are eating it, and if at some point they decide they don't want to any more, it will be a bit easier than now to avoid it.

    All due respect, Jon Barron's "pure science" stance is too high a bar to set.

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    Default Re: Health Guarantees and the People Who Abuse Them

    Well said Katee. I think we have to accept the fact that a lot of things take time to have an effect, they don't change ideas straight away. If Prop 37 is passed, the information will gradually filter through.

    Seems not so long ago that docs scorned taking Vitamin D or fish oil - now they recommend them (well, they do here in Oz, or at least accept it is OK to take them).

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    Default Re: Health Guarantees and the People Who Abuse Them

    Katee, although I agree with Jon Barron 99% of the time, in this case, you stated the problem with his stance perfectly!

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    Default Re: Health Guarantees and the People Who Abuse Them

    Agree with you, Katee.

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    Default Re: Health Guarantees and the People Who Abuse Them

    No one is going to convince me it isn't crucial to pass prop 37. I took the rat study with a grain of salt, but I still think it's a step towards determining the toxicity of GMOs. I agree with you Katee, and well said by the way.

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