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Thread: 9 Dangers Of Gluten-Free Products

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    Default 9 Dangers Of Gluten-Free Products

    Diana Herrington
    November 7 2012

    The mainstream gluten-free diet can actually be making you fat and unhealthy! This is the conclusion I have found in my extensive research over the past two years.
    Yes, if you are celiac or gluten intolerant (also known as having a gluten sensitivity), you do have to go gluten free. Unfortunately, most of the recipes and products available, although they don’t have gluten in them, are NOT healthy for different factors, so you may end up with different problems.
    Most people who go gluten-free feel much better right away. I would like to suggest that these people choose to eat BOTH gluten-free AND healthy!
    I, personally, was highly gluten sensitive, which I have overcome. Some of my comments will be directed at this situation.

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    Default Re: 9 Dangers Of Gluten-Free Products

    I agree that buying products promoted as gluten-free is a bad idea. They are usually heavy on the starches and sugars, both of which as a diabetic I have to avoid. I think part of the problem is that we haven't calmed the desire for the comfort of starchy carbs. Some of the alternatives she lists (Millet, Quinoa, Brown Rice, Amaranth, Buckwheat, Cornmeal, Oats, Popcorn) are all high in starchy carbs even if they don't specifically contain gluten, and they function to a degree like the forbidden grains we still crave. No progress will be made until we stop trying to replace one set of starchy carbs with another.
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