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Thread: Prevent Wrinkles And Repair Your Skin With Beet Juice

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    Default Prevent Wrinkles And Repair Your Skin With Beet Juice

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    The benefits of beet juice have been backed by countless studies, but it seems most people are unaware of its nutritional power. These bright red root vegetables pack a variety of vitamins and minerals rarely found in such high concentrations within one food.

    Beets became popular around the world in the 19th century when it was discovered they could be used to make sugar; the very first beet sugar plant was built in Poland.
    Beets belong to the Chenopod family – along with spinach and chard – and continue to amaze researchers with their incredibly unique antioxidant values.

    Beet Juice Benefits for Anti-Aging

    High in folate, beets stimulate the production and repair of cells, which helps protect against premature aging.

    Top 3 Anti-Aging Benefits of Beet Juice
    • Fight wrinkles and skin conditions naturally with folate!

    • Prevent age-related macular degeneration with vitamin A and carotenoids!
    • Preserve brain function with nitrates that improve blood flow!

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    Default Re: Prevent Wrinkles And Repair Your Skin With Beet Juice

    I doubt I'd waste a beet by tossing it in the juicer very often. I adore beets! Buttered... Harvard... pickled... and of course my favorite, borscht!
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    Default Re: Prevent Wrinkles And Repair Your Skin With Beet Juice

    hmmmm, you have just given me an idea Julieanne. I am a chutney and pickle lover - I must hunt out a recipe for beet chutney.

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    Default Re: Prevent Wrinkles And Repair Your Skin With Beet Juice

    In addition to benefits for the skin, beet juice is purported to help lower high blood pressure. Beets are pretty high in sugar, like 24 grams of sugar per 8 ounces of organic beet juice, and 70 on the glycemic index. But, very healthy in moderation.

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    Default Re: Prevent Wrinkles And Repair Your Skin With Beet Juice

    Wonder if they help with sagging skin. I have almost no wrinkles but gravity is really pissing me off. I don't like beets. They taste like dirt to me; but I do juice them occasionally. My new juicer can make my kitchen look like a crime scene even when I'm trying to be careful.

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    Default Re: Prevent Wrinkles And Repair Your Skin With Beet Juice

    LOL Thanks for the kitchen visual highlander. I love beets, and beet juice. Don't get that often though. highlander, I'm like you with the sagging. If I find they help with that I'll be upping the anti with for sure.

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