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Thread: Slideshow: 12 Common Childhood Rashes

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    Default Slideshow: 12 Common Childhood Rashes

    James Hubbard, MD, MPH
    January 16, 2013

    Rash: One word for so many problems. A rash can indicate a simple irritation a bath can soothe, a life-threatening disease, or many things in between. And sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference.

    This slideshow has pictures of common childhood rashes, but this is for general information. In your case, the rash may not look like it does in these photos. And as you’ll see, one rash can easily be confused with another.

    This blog gives ideas for what to do when getting to a doctor is difficult or impossible. But children with rashes are special creatures. They can seem fine and get sick quickly. See a doctor if you can.

    Now, on to the rashes!

    To read the rest of the article and see very good pictures go to:

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    Default Re: Slideshow: 12 Common Childhood Rashes

    Thanks! This is a really useful article!
    There are so many types of rashes that parents often become confused and do not know what to do.
    I'd like to add one more condition that causes rash and blisters in children, it's known as impetigo. Here you can learn more about this disease and see some pictures.

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