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Thread: Translating Cokespeak into English

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    Default Translating Cokespeak into English

    Did you ever notice how commercials have a funny way of putting things?

    For example, “in order to serve you better” often means “lines are going to get longer” or “your bill’s going up.” Or if an oil company that tells you it’s “part of the solution,” it often means “oops, we made a big mistake.”

    Coca-Cola shows it’s no slouch in the dark arts of corporate obfuscation in a recent 2-minute-long ad entitled “Coming Together,” which gently assures us that it’s time “to come together on something that concerns all of us … obesity.”

    We thought it would be useful to consumers and policymakers if we unpacked this commercial and translated Cokespeak into plain, everyday English. The resulting video, “Coming Together :: Translated” is here. Please watch today—and take a minute to share this version with your friends, family, and coworkers via email, Facebook, and Twitter.

    (You can see the original commercial here. Warning: may cause nausea, drowsiness, irrepressible laughter, or other symptoms of Cokespeak.)


    Michael F. Jacobson
    Executive Director
    Center for Science in the Public Interest
    via email
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    Default Re: Translating Cokespeak into English

    That is spot on! And funny

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    Default Re: Translating Cokespeak into English


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    Default Re: Translating Cokespeak into English

    You just had to show a Coke ad... I really want one...
    Actually, I cannot believe that I missed this post- that was funny!

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    Default Re: Translating Cokespeak into English

    This is a cheeky video. I love it, my son loved it and of course I shared it on FB.

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    Default Re: Translating Cokespeak into English

    Islander, thank you so much for sharing this. Center for Science in the Public Interest's 'translation' was intelligent and humorous and oh so true.

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