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Thread: Aspartame: Sweet But Deadly

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    Default Aspartame: Sweet But Deadly

    Ants die when they ingest aspartame. What is it doing to you? The FDA has received more complaints about aspartame than any other additive ever! This equates to over 10,000 consumer complaints.

    From these complaints the FDA has compiled a list of 92 symptoms and diseases related to aspartame including multiple sclerosis, cancer and death.

    Yet the FDA, Monsanto and the rest of the artificial sweetener industry are engaged in a huge campaign insisting this poison is safe.

    Research is now indicating another serious consequence. Use of aspartame leads to weight gain! People who use artificial sweeteners consume over 3X the calories of those who don’t use these sweeteners. Although the results are conclusive, scientists aren’t sure of the reason. The current hypothesis is that the sweet taste tells the brain food is coming, which in turn triggers an insulin response. When the expected food doesn’t arrive, you end up with high levels of insulin and yet little glucose circulating in the blood. This stimulates your appetite, often causing you to eat sugar-laden, nutrient-empty calories to raise your blood sugar.

    It’s a vicious circle, resulting in more and more fat being deposited into the abdominal area and around internal organs.

    If you have any aspartame in your cupboard, go put it on a few ant hills.

    There ARE other options.

    Stevia is a natural herb from Paraguay and is available in health food stores, online and now even in some grocery stores. Raw blue agave nectar (check your source) has no impact on blood sugar. Xylitol and erythritol are other options that are more natural and safer than aspartame.

    For more info go here:

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    Default Re: Aspartame: Sweet But Deadly

    Wow! That's an interesting hypothesis!

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