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Thread: The Sad State of Affairs in the Medical Community

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    Default The Sad State of Affairs in the Medical Community

    This letter was originally posted in the Addiction forum. I've posted it here as well, with a revised link, and made it a sticky because the letter, and the accompanying video, speak directly to the state of health care today. If you choose to watch the video, please continue to the end, because that's where the stunning message comes through.

    WM Wassell, MD
    no date

    An email from one medical doctor to another medical doctor. (From Dr William Wassell, M.D. to a fellow radiologist who had published an article in a medical journal. It details the sad state of affairs in the medical community.)

    This may be a long letter but it should be informative and worth your time. Your comments in [Name of Medical Journal] about alcoholism and obesity and disability are the stimulus. From the article I can see that you are having some of the same questions about medicine today that I do.

    I finished Diagnostic Radiology Residency in 1980 and about 10 years later I started having doubts about where we were going as a profession. I had seen the technology side make light-years of advancements while the treatment of disease had gone nowhere.

    All medicine was about was parts replacement and symptoms management. Prevention and medical indication were being removed from the lexicon. Nutrition was becoming the "N" word of medicine. I started wondering where in the world I would go if I should need medical care?

    Read more:

    Revealing video:
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    Default Re: The Sad State of Affairs in the Medical Community

    That is an amazing piece.

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    Default Re: The Sad State of Affairs in the Medical Community

    I wonder if I gave this to my doc whether he would actually read it.

    Worth a try. Thanks Islander.

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