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Thread: Why Butter Is A Health Food

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    Default Why Butter Is A Health Food

    KristenM, Food Renegade
    March 28, 2013

    Butter is a health food. There, I said it. I don’t just love butter because it tastes better than margarine. I don’t just love it because I think it’s a healthier alternative than margarine. I actually believe, bones to britches, that butter is good for you.

    The other day someone left this comment on a Facebook post of mine, “Only an idiot would believe butter is actually a health food. Yes, it’s better than margarine, but it is by no means good for you.” Only an idiot? Really?

    Name-calling aside, let’s use our brains. Shall we? What makes butter a health food?

    Butter is More “Heart-Healthy”
    After years of being told that margarine was more “heart-healthy” than butter, we’re now discovering in long-term studies that the science simply just doesn’t back up the claim.

    To read the rest of the article go to:

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    Default Re: Why Butter Is A Health Food

    Butter surely is one of the four basic foods groups!

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    Default Re: Why Butter Is A Health Food

    I love butter and use a lot of it. It's natural, whereas with margarine...not so much. I've made my own butter off and on over the years, which is easy and kind of fun, but there are now some very good brands of butter available. KerryGold is probably my favorite.

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    Default Re: Why Butter Is A Health Food

    But it must be organic. Don't know where I can buy organic cream, but I can buy two or three brands of butter.

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    Default Re: Why Butter Is A Health Food

    [QUOTE=Julieanne;57968]But it must be organic. Don't know where I can buy organic cream, but I can buy two or three brands of butter.[/QUOTe}

    I will add try to find grass fed butter.
    mitakuye oyasin na akita mani yo!

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