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Thread: Dr. Bronner's Soaps

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    Quote Originally Posted by Islander View Post
    Sadly, she felt she was not appreciated and decided to leave the forum.
    You're talking about Oceans, right? I'm so sorry to hear that! I must have missed a thread where something happened that hurt her.

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    Pattypans, I totally missed whatever happened, as well. People get busy, from time to time, and stupidly I thought that this was all that was going on with Ocean's absence. Here I am, baffled and confused, as normal.

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    To summarize: her last couple of posts here did not meet with unanimous agreement. She wasn't actually criticized or disrespected, people simply had a different opinion from hers. She took this in a way that I understood to be overly seriously, and in a PM told me that she did not feel valued and would be more comfortable elsewhere. As I think I said on the preceding page, I replied to the PM with encouragement but apparently she never came back to read it. Which is too bad, because she had things of value to contribute.

    Accept that no one can please all of the people all of the time.

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