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Thread: Egg White May Help Lower Blood Pressure

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    Default Egg White May Help Lower Blood Pressure

    Richard gRAY
    April 10 2013

    Eating egg whites could help to reduce blood pressure by as much as some common medications, according to researchers.

    A peptide found in egg white can reduce blood pressure much like ACE inhibitors

    Scientists have found a substance contained in egg whites that can reduce blood pressure, one of the main risk factors in heart disease.

    They believe that eating egg white could help to keep patients keep their blood pressure under control.

    They found a peptide – a short fragment of protein – could lower blood pressure by as much as low doses of a commonly prescribed drug called Captopril.

    The researchers, based as Jilin University in China, fed the peptide, called RVPSL, to rats with high blood pressure and found it reduced their symptoms.

    They now hope to carry out tests in human patients.

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    Default Re: Egg White May Help Lower Blood Pressure

    I think this is a valid argument for eating eggs. Whole eggs. The fear of eating yolks in the erroneous belief that they raise cholesterol has led to idiocies like egg white omelets, when the bulk of the nutrition is actually in the yolk. Here we see that the whites have value too. Of course: an egg is a complete food, a boneless chicken!
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    Default Re: Egg White May Help Lower Blood Pressure

    I eat a lot of eggs and always have. It's also becoming recognized that a low carb diet and losing excess weight are good for the blood pressure. For many of us, weight loss is one of the numerous benefits of eating low carb, although this apparently doesn't work for everyone.

    For those newbies who are unsure of what low carb means, it means eliminating (or drastically reducing) sweets, grain products, starchy veggies like potatoes, and cutting way back on fruit. If you want to switch to low carb, get your hands on a glycemic index and plan your diet around those foods that are listed as being low glycemic. There are also a number of low carb websites that are very helpful. Mark's Daily Apple is one of the better ones.
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