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Thread: Oral irrigators

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    Default Oral irrigators

    After a deep dental cleaning (think it is called root planing?) I want to start using the oral irrigator I bought a long time ago and never got into the habit of using.

    Looking for opinions/suggestions on what to use in it aside from plain water? Or is plain water the best?

    Also does anyone here think oral irrigators (you know, like a waterpik) are a bad idea?

    I REALLY seriously never want to have to do another one of this kind of dental cleaning, but I did have some gingivitis starting down where my brushing and flossing just wasn't getting at it. Supposedly the gums will now heal up much tighter to the tooth roots. I'm a bit dubious, but I'll find out at my recheck in 6 weeks.

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    Default Re: Oral irrigators

    Second hand information here: My husband's dentist recommended that he use one of these contraptions with salt water as the medium. Sorry, but I do not remember the proportions of salt to be added to water.

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    Default Re: Oral irrigators

    Sollyb, I use a Waterpik daily, usually with plain water. However, if you have gum problems, you can use a 50-50 solution of hydrogen peroxide and water. Start with a low setting until you toughen up your gums; otherwise the irrigating device can make them bleed. A couple of other tips for healthier gums: Take 100 mg. CoQ10 daily and maximize your vitamin D level.

    Speaking of irrigating, using a neti pot to flush out the nasal passages can often ward off a cold if done at the first sign of one coming on. It's also very helpful for seasonal allergies. For those who have never used a neti pot, be warned: it takes a little getting used to. Use a solution of one-quarter (level) teaspoon salt to one cup of warm water. You can also add a small pinch of baking soda. The temperature of the water and the amount of salt are important for comfort, so don't just wing it.
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    Default Re: Oral irrigators

    LMW - the size of the cup is important too. It should be a 250 ml cup.
    1.25 gm salt equals a quarter teaspoon and 1.25 gm in 250 ml of water is isotonic.

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    Default Re: Oral irrigators

    Checkout You will get many options there.

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    Default Re: Oral irrigators

    Thanks and welcome, Andrew. You can introduce yourself to us in the New Member forum.
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