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Thread: You Need Phosphorous To Live - And We're Running Out

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    Default You Need Phosphorous To Live - And We're Running Out

    Tom Philpott
    March/April 2013

    Industrial farming has played a part in sucking this critical element out of our soil.

    Western Sahara, a sparsely populated slice of desert on Africa's northwestern coast, doesn't get much ink as a potential crisis point in the global food system. You've probably never heard of the long-standing independence movement in the Morocco-controlled territory—or that the area harbors vast stores of an element critical to contemporary agriculture.
    Morocco, it is thought, holds up to 85 percent (PDF) of the globe's known phosphate rock reserve—and a lot of it lies in Western Sahara. Morocco's royal family thus controls what Jeremy Grantham, cofounder of the prominent Boston-based global investment firm Grantham, Mayo, Van Otterloo & Co., called the "most important quasi-monopoly in economic history."

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    Default Re: You Need Phosphorous To Live - And We're Running Out

    For the past 4 decades, we've paid the Saudis a king's ransom for oil. Hope we don't repeat this mistake with the royal Morrocan family.

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