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Thread: Antidepressants Trigger Violence, Suicide

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    Default Antidepressants Trigger Violence, Suicide

    By Dr. Blaylock
    17 Jul 2013

    In depressed patients, it has been observed that the period of greatest risk of suicide is when antidepressants seem to be working. In fact, suicide in depressed patients was much less common before drug treatments began being used.
    Antidepressant expert Dr. David Healy writes, “Rooms full of data pointed to the fact that the Prozac drug group (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, or SSRIs) could trigger suicide and violence, and that companies producing these drugs knew of the problem.”

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    Default Re: Antidepressants Trigger Violence, Suicide

    Enormous potential liability here.
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    Default Re: Antidepressants Trigger Violence, Suicide

    Thanks Aaltrude. Enormous liability indeed Islander.

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    Default Re: Antidepressants Trigger Violence, Suicide

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