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Thread: Should You Have Health Concerns About Tattoos?

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    Default Should You Have Health Concerns About Tattoos?

    Jane Chitty
    16 September 2013

    Everywhere you go, tattoo shops are springing up and whenever you see bare skin (weather permitting) the chances are that a tattoo will be on display. I have written about tattoos before but in rather a tongue-in-cheek way. But with this modern trend, we need to be more serious and ask whether there are problems that can arise when tattooing?

    Are there any health concerns to consider?

    It would seem that there are. If people want to tattoo their bodies, they should be able to do so with proper health and safety guarantees.

    Often people suffer considerable pain and discomfort when undergoing a tattoo. It is even fairly common to get lightheaded or pass out while getting a tattoo but there are other repercussions too.

    To

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    Default Re: Should You Have Health Concerns About Tattoos?

    I had an uncle who'd gotten a number of tattoos while in the Navy. When he got old and had lost muscle tone, the tattoos lost their definition and looked like bruise-colored blobs on his wrinkled skin. By then, I don't think he cared. On the plus side, he lived into his 90's and was in fairly good health most of his life, so I can't see that a few tattoos would be much of a health hazard for most people.

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