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Thread: Question on sprouting...

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    Default Question on sprouting...

    I am trying to heal leaky gut.
    Mellowsong says, "...phytic acid in beans and grains aren't good for you."
    But, WAPF says, " can have it if you sprout."

    So I would like to give it a whirl, but I am a bit concerned with the whole soaking until sprouting thing. After all you would be soaking the pulses for about 48 hrs total. Doesn't this offer opportunity for mold/ bacteria to grow? It seems counter-intuitive to allow things to sit in a warm atmosphere until critters are actually growing from it.
    Won't I get sick??
    Please advise.

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    Default Re: Question on sprouting...

    They are living, not dead, therefore their defenses mean mould does not grow. If this happened whenever seeds started sprouting, we would not have any food. Nothing would grow. Seeds usually sprout in soil and grow into plants from there many of which then become food for various animals including humans. We are alive by the way and we don't usually go mouldy. We have immune defense systems that prevent this.
    Alfalfa sprouts, bean sprouts etc take quite a bit longer than 48 hours before they are ready to eat and they reach this stage without any mould issues.

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    Default Re: Question on sprouting...

    Suggest you Google how to sprout. The sprouting jar has a screen-like cover through which you can pour off water without losing the seeds. (These kits come with 3 lid sizes. I'm sure WF carries the lids — they fit a wide-mouth canning jar). The seeds are soaked overnight, then the liquid poured off. From this point on, you just rinse and drain, rinse and drain. As the sprouts grow, I like to put them in a sunny spot to green up. Harvest when you are happy with the length. Start small until you get the hang of it. A tablespoon of seeds is a good start.
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    Default Re: Question on sprouting...

    Samurai, it's unusual to soak for 48 hours - most sprouts are soaked overnight, then put into the jars. I find it quite easy, but forget to do it on a regular basis. I have used old pantyhose fixed with a rubber band instead of lids. Or any fine mesh type material works just fine.

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