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Thread: Patients Swamp GPs In Heart Pill Confusion

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    Default Patients Swamp GPs In Heart Pill Confusion

    This is a follow up to the second Catalyst programme (see 'Professor Urges ABC To Pull Catalyst Episode On Cholesterol Drugs'). This was headline news on the front page of The West Australian newspaper on Saturday.

    Cathy O'Leary
    November 2 2013

    WA doctors are being inundated with patients asking if they should dump their anti-cholesterol drugs after a television documentary suggested the pills were overprescribed and doing more harm than good.

    Experts are furious by claims in the ABC medical science program Catalyst that cholesterol is a heart disease myth and the drugs statins have few benefits and significant side effects. The program was a rating success, with almost one million capital-city viewers tuning in to the series on the past two Thursdays.

    There is now speculation the ABC has left itself open to litigation after reports of worried patients taking themselves off the drugs without telling their doctor.

    Some critics claim the program was heavily biased to the views of several hand-picked US doctors, nutritionists and "suntanned charismatics" who played down the role of cholesterol and saturated fats in heart disease.
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    Default Re: Patients Swamp GPs In Heart Pill Confusion

    Let the retaliation and legalistic backlash begin! No good deed goes unpunished.

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    Default Re: Patients Swamp GPs In Heart Pill Confusion

    I'd call it heavily biased toward objective reality. Congratulations to Catalyst for having the courage to air this!
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