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Thread: Iodine the most misunderstood nutrient

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    Default Iodine the most misunderstood nutrient

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    Default Re: Iodine the most misunderstood nutrient

    Aaltrude, thanks a million for this well composed video. I have been an advocate of iodine for quite some time now, and this surmises many of the bits and pieces I have on the subject. I like the fact that it stresses the importance of avoiding all halides excepting iodine, of course. It ia a must see, and deserves more attention than it appears to be getting. Big thumbs up!
    “It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.”
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    Default Re: Iodine the most misunderstood nutrient

    I thought it was well worth taking the time to watch. Thank you for the endorsement wr

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    Default Re: Iodine the most misunderstood nutrient

    Things are still pretty busy here in post-harvest follow-up, but aside from that, as a kind of explanation, I find I cannot sit through more than 5 minutes of a video. In many many cases, if the sound quality is not top-notch my hearing impairment makes it impossible. Even if I can hear clearly, I can't learn and retain what I see in a video. It's a voice, it's not print, and I'm a visual learner. I can't highlight it. Or annotate it. Or search it. If it were in print, I'd file it in the appropriate folder. What's more, the vid runs over an hour and a half; I could read the information in half that time, because no one can talk as fast as people can listen.

    This is not meant to disparage videos or those who post them, please be sure of that. It's peculiar to me. I didn't grow up with television, did not have one in the house for much of my adult life (and didn't spend much time with it when I did have one) so I don't relate to videos the way most of you do. In fact, I have a 2-per-month Netflix rental — the only way I can see films, since I need the subtitles — and often a month goes by without my having even used my limit. I do enjoy a good film as pure entertainment, but at the end of the day I'm honestly more likely to pick up a book.

    Just wanted to clarify that. Why yes, I AM an old fossil!
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    Default Re: Iodine the most misunderstood nutrient

    Great video on iodine, thanks so much Aaltrude.

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