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Thread: Hi guys!

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    Default Hi guys!

    Hello, everybody. I don't remember how I found this forum, but it looks great! I've had CFS/ME (chronic fatigue syndrome/myalgic encephalomyelitis) for more years than I care to count. I also have fibromyalgia. I'm interested in all kinds of supplements and "alternative" treatments (there isn't much else out there for us), and I like to keep up on the research. I guess that's about it!

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    Default Re: Hi guys!

    Welcome to the forum, Gotoguy! Lots of helpful information to be found here!

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    Default Re: Hi guys!

    Welcome, Gotoguy, glad we finally got you in! There are others here with your health issues and I'm hopeful you'll find the site useful.
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    Welcome gotoguy! I'm glad you found us We do have forums dedicated to CFIDS/FM if you haven't perused them yet. There are several of us here with these issues. Always welcome more input. I almost got involved in a study with Ampligen until the FDA pulled it's approval for the study. I won't try much in the way of drugs because of adverse reactions to almost everything and usually they harm more than help, but Ampligen appeared to be pretty safe and effective for many. I am able to remain independent with diet and supplements.

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    Default Re: Hi guys!

    Hi and welcome gotoguy! I also have been dealing with CFIDS/ME for 30 some years. I went to Easter Dinner at a friend's house and am recovering (takes 3-4 days) and will do the FDA comments Thursday or Friday. Thank you so much for the link and extra information.

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    Default Re: Hi guys!

    Welcome Gotoguy. You will find a lot of useful information here as well as interesting discussion and people willing to help where they can.

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    Default Re: Hi guys!

    At the risk of sounding repetitious, welcome, Gotoguy!

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    Default Re: Hi guys!

    Welcome to forum.

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    Default Re: Hi guys!

    Welcome to the HH foum "gotoguy".

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