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Thread: What Causes Dry Eyes?

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    Default What Causes Dry Eyes?

    Dr Russell Blaylock
    26 Dec 2013

    Dry eyes affect from 5 to 34 percent of people in the United States, and the problem increases significantly with age. It is estimated that currently 3.23 million women and 1.68 million men, a total of almost 5 million Americans over age 50, are affected by this condition. Symptoms can include stinging, burning, or itching, with mucus in or around the eyes and increased sensitivity to wind and dry conditions, as well as reading fatigue.
    Dry eyes have become a major problem for a number of reasons. Aging is a contributor for both sexes, but especially for postmenopausal women due to a loss of the hormone estrogen. We also spend a lot more time indoors, where the air is often dryer due to air conditioning. In addition, we are increasingly being affected by hundreds of chemicals in our food and water, and in the air.

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    Default Re: What Causes Dry Eyes?

    I'm sure all the antihistamines I have to take makes my dry eyes and mouth much worse.

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    Default Re: What Causes Dry Eyes?

    Drugs do make dry eyes worse, especially if one has a natural tendency in that direction. My adult son has a problem with dry eyes. He finds that an OTC eyedrop product called Systane Ultra, used 3 or 4 times a day, helps quite a bit. This was recommended by an eye doctor. Fish oil is also beneficial. He doesn't wear contact lenses, but we live in a very dry climate. I don't get dry eyes, but some prescription drugs that I've taken in the past have caused an uncomfortably dry mouth--reason enough to stop taking them.

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