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Thread: Sunning & Palming For Your Eye Health

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    Default Sunning & Palming For Your Eye Health

    Jane Chitty
    27 March 2014

    I have come across a new and effective technique for your eye health and it is known as “sunning”. This method helps to accustom your eyes to light and goes hand in hand with another technique known as “palming” which in turn accustoms your eyes to the dark.

    Your eyes are natural light receptors which are constructed to respond to light but if you work indoors, and particularly in a windowless and artificially lit area, your eyes are almost certainly not receiving enough natural light. Some people make the situation even worse by working in extra dark environments to lessen the glare and increase the contrast on their computer screens.

    The result is that your eyes can become extra sensitive to light, even affecting your vision.

    So what can you do about this dilemma?

    You can turn to sunning and palming as a possible solution, the former to accustom your eyes to light and the latter to darkness.

    Read how to carry out both these techniques

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    Default Re: Sunning & Palming For Your Eye Health

    That is fascinating Jane — thank you so much! I use the Happy Light full spectrum light in the morning without glasses to keep serotonin levels up as it helps regulate sleep and decrease pain. I have noticed that regular use does help when I go outside as I am not squinting as much. This is another reason to get outside and get safe sun exposure!

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    Default Re: Sunning & Palming For Your Eye Health

    ...with the eyes closed… Sit or stand in the sunlight with the face relaxed and turned up to the sun while letting the rays of the sun penetrate and ease the tension in your eyelids...
    I do this every morning, regardless of outdoor temperature. I learned it as "sun-gazing." It seems to improve my mood (partly because I get deep breaths of fresh air) and helps align my circadian rhythms.
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