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Thread: Even The FDA Doesn't Know What Chemicals Are In Our Food

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    Default Even The FDA Doesn't Know What Chemicals Are In Our Food

    Maricel V Maffini
    April 12 2014

    We all have secrets, from small ones (the scale isn’t broken, I ate too many cookies!) to bigger ones (yes, we knew for a long time that tobacco kills people).
    For more than 50 years, many in the food industry have not had to disclose information to consumers and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) about the safety of chemicals they put in our food. Additives manufacturers have taken advantage of a dysfunctional regulatory system that allows for minimal or no disclosure, is plagued with conflicts of interest, and provides weak oversight of something as vital to our health as food.
    For consumers, it’s bad enough that most of the ingredients listed in packaged food have hard to pronounce names and we do not always know why they are there; we don’t know how much and how many chemicals leach from the packaging into the food; or little is known about the safety of those chemicals because a small percentage are actually tested

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    Default Re: Even The FDA Doesn't Know What Chemicals Are In Our Food

    Done! I have had trouble with processed food reading the ingredient list and still reacting to something so this makes perfect sense to me............

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    Default Re: Even The FDA Doesn't Know What Chemicals Are In Our Food

    I agree this is a concern, but I avoid it by not touching processed food. Today at the Expo a friend offered me a scoop from a bag of some sort of Indian (dot, not feather) snack he was eating, raving about how it was made by Indians, for Indians and was really really good. I asked for the bag and looked at the ingredients and the second one was sugar. I'm guessing there were corn and wheat as well, but I didn't read any farther. As a diabetic I find that even small doses of things I react to will make a difference.
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    Default Re: Even The FDA Doesn't Know What Chemicals Are In Our Food

    I recently found out that enteric coatings on tablets and capsules that allow them to pass through the stomach without being destroyed by stomach acid,usually contain wheat starch/gluten. However, they don't have to list it, all they have to list as an ingredient is acid resistant coating or enteric coating. This goes for both prescriptions and supplements. It seems like, no matter how careful you are, they bite you in the butt! I realize this isn't food but the same thing goes for food.

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