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Thread: What Kind of Fish is That?

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    Default What Kind of Fish is That?

    FDA Consumer Updates (no author listed)
    21 April 2014

    Have you sometimes wondered if that "wild caught" salmon actually came from an aqua farm? Or if the "U.S. catfish" in the display case might have been born and raised in Vietnam?
    Is that "red snapper" actually red snapper and worth the premium price?
    Scientists at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are able to answer those questions through a project that creates DNA barcodes to identify individual fish species. The massive project is part of an effort aimed at solving the problem of species substitution.

    Read more:

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    Default Re: What Kind of Fish is That?

    The trouble is, I don't see how that will trickle down to affect the species in my local supermarket. At the moment, everything in the fish display is labeled wild or farmed, with the country of origin and whether it had been previously frozen (FAS, Frozen At Sea). I trust my supermarket to label the fish accurately, and I tend to believe them because I can tell at a glance whether a salmon filet is wild caught or farmed. If the difference is not obvious to everyone, what's to stop the supermarket from mislabeling? Besides, there are just too many things in life to fret about that I have to draw the line somewhere and not obsess about the origin of my fish (as long as it's not a deadly puffer fish)!
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    Default Re: What Kind of Fish is That?

    Not sure if this was shared here but it was an eye opener for me

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    Default Re: What Kind of Fish is That?

    Ora Moose, we have this problem in Australia too. There is confusion about fish names between the states, so it's hard to tell what you are buying. Every now and then there is muttering about sorting this out, but it never happens.

    Not much farmed fish yet, apart from salmon, but then again, who knows?

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