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Thread: 12 Ways To Treat Psoriasis Naturally

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    Default 12 Ways To Treat Psoriasis Naturally

    April 22, 2014

    Psoriasis is a common, chronic relapsing/remitting immune-mediated skin condition caused by an overload of toxicity through diet, some medications or our environment. It is characterized by red, scaly patches and plaques which usually itch. The condition affects up to five percent of the general population. The good news is that is can be reversed through many different natural remedies, most of which should resolve the symptoms before ever requiring medication.

    The causes of psoriasis are not fully understood, but a build up of toxins is known to be strongly correlated with most cases, especially for plaque psoriasis which is the most common type.

    Not only are psoriasis flare-ups aggravating, but they make people with the condition so self-conscious about their appearance that they're reluctant to go out in public without ample covering. Probably most frustrating of all is that there's no magic formula to cure the condition indefinitely.

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    Default Re: 12 Ways To Treat Psoriasis Naturally

    Aaltrude is having difficulty accessing the site so I am posting this comment from her:

    " There is a strong link between Psoriasis and consuming gluten. I used to have very mild Psoriasis but have not had a single incidence since being gluten free. My mother also had Psoriasis and occasionally had some very bad flare ups. In retrospect, from her numerous symptoms, I am sure she was an undiagnosed Coeliac. The fact that I carry one of the genes associated with Coeliac lends strength to this assumption.
    This association with gluten is not mentioned in the article".

    The information in this link gives more information on this association.

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