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Thread: An Open Letter to the Gluten Free Community: Can We Stop the Bickering...Because We'r

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    Default An Open Letter to the Gluten Free Community: Can We Stop the Bickering...Because We'r

    Karen Broussard
    May 22, 2014

    An Open Letter to the Gluten Free Community: Can We Stop the Bickering...Because We're All Fighting For the Same Thing.

    If you have Celiac Disease or gluten sensitivity (or suspect that gluten adversely affects your health in some way), this letter is to you.

    It's Celiac Awareness Month, and I wanted to interrupt the series of blog posts and GF-friendly restaurant gift card giveaways we've been running this month to address something that has generated a visceral response within our community.

    Discussions in the gluten free community seem to really be heating up over the issue of gluten sensitivity versus Celiac -- and the host of issues raised by these two similar, yet distinct, conditions. Even innocuous posts on social media pages can elicit a firestorm of responses from both Celiac and gluten sensitive individuals, who seem to be "taking sides," for lack of a better phrase over issues such as whether someone who suspects gluten is affecting their health should first be tested for Celiac, whether "gluten sensitivity" even exists, and whether some individuals choosing to go gluten free are doing more harm than good (for their health, and for the GF community in general).

    To read the rest of the article go to:
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    Default Re: An Open Letter to the Gluten Free Community: Can We Stop the Bickering...Because

    As Maurya observed in a different thread, I fail to understand why anyone else in the universe should care what I eat. Yes, in my life are family members and friends who I think are making poor nutritional choices, and since I care about them and want the best health outcomes for them, it follows that I care what they eat. That said, I've learned not to intervene or offer unwanted advice about their food choices. I have to respect that they are individuals with the right to make their own decisions without interference from me. They may be fighting their own battles, one of which may be a specific food addiction. This is frankly none of my business.

    I know people who are vegetarians/vegans; some are in glowing good health, while one or two look as if they are perishing. None of this is any of my business, nor does anyone have the right to lecture them on their food choices.

    I have friends who are still eating low fat, high carb; I have friends who are obese; I have friends who are diabetic, medicated, and consuming lots of starches and sugars. I care about these friends and wish that they would make better choices, but in no way can I justify any suggestion or interference in their lifestyle choices. I try to act as a role model. If they are curious as to how I can maintain a healthy weight and avoid colds and flu, they have only to ask.

    If someone thinks that avoiding gluten has improved their health... if they feel better going gluten-free... what possible basis can anyone have for criticism? The rationale just escapes me. The only thought that occurs to me is that the critics get some sort of satisfaction from voicing their belief that "I am somehow better than you"!
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    Default Re: An Open Letter to the Gluten Free Community: Can We Stop the Bickering...Because

    Hear, hear, Islander! Now if only each of us had friends and relationships based on respect for each other, as you just have described, we would be in a better position to live our own lives with less needless confrontation and opposition. Live is difficult enough without it!

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