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Thread: 6 Dog Behavior Myths, Debunked

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    Default 6 Dog Behavior Myths, Debunked

    Becky Striepe
    May 24 2014

    Interpreting dog behavior can be tricky, and there are some strong myths about dog body language. The list below debunks a few common misconceptions about what our dogs are trying to tell us

    Dogs have personalities as varied as humans, and unless you know a dog really well it can be difficult to read what she’s trying to tell you. My dog Jenna, for example, is very high anxiety because of her history before we adopted her. Her cues are sometimes more subtle than more “normal dogs.”

    It’s hard to tell at first glance sometimes whether you’re dealing with a well-adjusted dog or not, but knowing how to spot subtle signs can make things go more smoothly for you and for the dog. So often our dogs or dogs we encounter are trying to tell us that they are scared, anxious, or unhappy. When we miss these signals, we tend to blame the dog.
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