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Thread: 5-Minute Health Tip: Benefit From Burdock Root

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    Default 5-Minute Health Tip: Benefit From Burdock Root

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    Banking on supplements to fill in any nutritional gaps in your daily diet is a recipe for subpar health. Instead, bank on some burdock root to help boost your immune system, promote optimal digestive health, and ensure radiant, healthy skin. Whether you munch on the earthy root, add it as a powder to green smoothies, or drink it as a detoxifying tea, is your choice—but taking advantage of some burdock root is a health tip not to miss out on!

    Detox the Natural Way

    Out with dangerous laxatives and restrictive detoxes, and in with an all-star herb that’s been used for centuries to ease sore throats, combat colds, and alleviate digestive problems. Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners use burdock root to cleanse the blood of toxins, and herbalists praise burdock root as a potent cancer fighter. Preliminary evidence suggests that burdock root may even keep cancer cells from metastasizing.

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    Default Re: 5-Minute Health Tip: Benefit From Burdock Root

    Having a flock of sheep for 25 years, we policed our acres to eliminate burdock entirely, since the burrs it produces will ruin a fleece. Newsflash: eliminating burdock is impossible. It seems to find its way home. Now maybe I can take a digging fork and actually use that root to improve my health!
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